This is...odd.

Well, when I try to enter a bestiary in the FFC site, I get re-directed to a 404 page.

I really don’t know whats going on about it, but it’s been bugging me. >_>

If the site is still under construction, that page might not be up yet.

Actually, if it was under construction, a “page is under construction” thing would be there.

Is it under “” ??
And if so, it has the page under construction things at the top of every MADE page.


No, not always.

Read the front page of the FFC, please.

Its the Final Fantasy Compendium.

Or FFC. For short.

I’m pretty sure he knows that. Ya know, since he made it and everything.

Um, yes. To reiterate, please just look at the updates for the FFCompendium, which will explain what happened.

Silly Cid…credit’s not creators.