This is not Guitar Hero.

I just bought an Epiphone Les Paul for 400$, and I am really excited about LERNING. I know only the basic 6 chords, and I know what hammer-ons are and how they’re done, among other stuff like pulloffs and shit.

What I need from you is every guitar tab website you know. I mean good ones. I search on Google and about 1 in every 500 results actually helps me. But I know some people here, looking at you Steve, would know of some.


edit; ohhh man i was so close to getting a Squier Telecaster

I hate sunburst electrics. They’re an eye sore.

If you want my advice, stay far, far away from tabs. Learn songs by listening to them and copying what you hear. Do drills to improve your dexterity. It doesn’t matter what kind of drills they are, just make sure you can practice movements that you will use while playing.

Memorize every note on the fretboard in standard tuning. You can’t understand how important this is right now, just take my word for it.

And most importantly, don’t try too hard to be perfect. Learning guitar is a refining process. Get the general movements down first, then slowly refine your technique.

Have fun with barre chords.

I don’t like the sunburst myself. they had ebony, but I think it looked like shit.

edit; it isnt even that bright just camera flash made it brighter.

I hate electrics in general. I love how some of them sound, but they’re nowhere near as beautiful as any acoustic, and they have mobility problems. Les Pauls are the worst. They look like hammer-and-nails construction with unsightly machinery all over them. It’s just icky.

i only bought a les paul, 'cause I have faith in Gibson’s products. They make quality shit. I think acoustics are much more difficult to travel with due to their width. Sure, they weigh less, but try going on a bus with one.

That’s not a Les Paul, or at least not an authentic one. You can’t get them for $400. Even $4000 is a stretch. They also have a disgusting tell-tale look to them. Yours isn’t THAT bad.

Electrics are always harder to travel with, no matter what. You need an amp.

Jesus never buy a guitar that expensive if it’s your first. Get a cheap-ass combo kit for the same price. It comes with a guitar, amp, and a bunch of other shit to help you.
What if you don’t like playing? You’re fucked. That’s what.
Oh well. It’s a pretty solid looking guitar. Remember, once you get past all the beginner bullshit, you’re gonna hit a wall where you either get a shit ton better, and can play some killer stuff, or you’ll just stick to power chords and chord-arpeggiation rather than finger-blistering solos.
I’m in between. I have the speed, but the fingering and music theory/scales need to be brought up to snuff.

edit: Some good links (the first is optional but recommended) (pretty good lessons and has some common licks you can add for “OMG UR GOOD” stuff) (tabs site)

Yeah, guitar is all dexterity and technique. Don’t worry so much about playing your favorite songs and more about learning the rhythm and learning the notes. Then you can worry about picking and stringing things together.

Somehow I think you aren’t patient enough for this, but what do I know? Not shit about guitar, thats for sure.

Hades, it’s an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I know it isn’t Gibson, but Epiphone is like a subsidiarity of Gibson, so it’s alright.

Oh, that’s cool man. That explains why it actually looks pretty good :stuck_out_tongue:

I think 400$ was alright. They had Les Paul Special for 200$ cheaper, but I thought for 200$ more, it must be better, right? I’m gonna pick up an amplifier tomorrow, as all I bought today was a gigbag (not hardshell), a strap (holy shit, 30 fucking bucks) and the guitar itself. I don’t know how to tune a guitar, so my friend has offered to help me with that, along with the basics.

I think I’ll get an Epiphone amplifier, 'cause, well, I’m a whore for Gibson. God damn better start saving up for that Firebird with a price tag of 1,600$.

If you’re willing to and have an okay sound system on your computer, get ahold of Guitar Rig 2 somehow, get a sound card that supports ASIO drivers (CreativeLabs Audigy SE isn’t bad. I have one), and a 1/4 to 1/8 connector and just jam through your computer with some ultra-sexy extremely-customizable sound enhancements.

you want tab sites but you don’t specify what type of music?

and tabs are ok, they are good as a guide but you won’t get the song down without actually listening to it and hearing how it’s played.

and epiphone… i guess thats an ok starting guitar.

I think it’s better to start unplugged. It’s too easy to be sloppy and still sound great on electric.

the thing about that is not everyone wants to be the best guitarist in the world, if they sound great then what’s the problem? although I agree, starting on an acoustic would give you some good foundations.

I…I don’t even know where to start…

I must inquire.

Was this guitar bought at Wal*Mart?

Nah, I’m not stupid to buy a guitar from Walmart. The guitar was bought from Long & McQuade, Canada’s leading music store franchise.

It doesn’t matter the type of music (for tabs), just somethings to practice with.

I did start with an acoustic kinda. My friend who got me into the idea of purchasing a guitar lent me his acoustic for a couple of weeks, 'cause there’s not much equipment needed besides the guitar itself pretty much, so I’m not a complete noob at this.

edit; however, the guitar <i>stand</i> that I bought was from Walmart. But all else was from L&M. I figure a stand doesn’t really require that much quality to do what it does.

edit2; I was considering buying my own acoustic, but none of the colors or shapes were appealing.

They’re also freakin’ expensive. I looked up my dad’s acoustic in a L&M store and they were selling it for $1500.

Forgot to ask, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to raise this thing:

When I strike the top 2 strings, it hits the fretboard, thus making a sound it shouldn’t be. There’s screws on that piece (bridge?), and if I could raise it, I could solve this problem.

I’d bring it back to the store and get it done, but this store offers only 1 checkup a year, and I figure I just got it; might want to keep that checkup for something serious.