This is just filthy, dirty, and evil.

I got Spiderman 2 the game today and damn this is an evil game. It is just so good and combiens so many elements I like so well that I’m gonna be set. Man, thsi makes the first Spiderman the movie game look like shit. The area is open, much like Grand Theft Auto and you swing around helping people to complete goals and upgrade abilities. It basically takes all the good of the first game and magifies it. You know how the best parts of the first one were the outside levels? Well, this one is a big city with some areas you can go inside. Also, to help the pace, there are story elements and goals at the end of the day (yes time passes). I haven’t even got to the best part yet, the controls! Holy shit these are fun! Tehre are two control schemes, one from the first, and a new one that is a million times better. Basically, you throw out each web. This makes the making Spidey do what he does in the movies as easy as pie. Wanna hang for a skyscapper and tie up some robbers? No problem. Wanna swing through a narrow passage? Piece of cake (hell, I slid through a stair level smoothly since the controls are so tight and accurate). Also, they fixed how SPidey grabs walls. Remeber how SPidey would grab on to a wall if he touched it in the first one? Not anymore, you jsut press a button. Also, you see every web and if you stay in one area, you will see web ropes hanging. You can see where each rope is connected, instead of the magic ceiling in the first one. ALso, they have added Spidey’s super jump which adds even mroe moves. All of these work together which is awesome. But wait, there’s more! Bruce Cambell, of Evil Dead fame, provides the narration and tutorial. It is of course filled with his usual type of sarcastic humor, which is great. I think that he may have written the lines himself. SUch as in the tutorial he tells you to jump of a building. He then says “Come on I wouldn’t tell you to do anythign that was dangerous.” So when you jump, “He says, boy you are an idiot, well I guess I know the answer to the bridge question.” Also, if you run too much on the streets, he’ll say, “Come on, I thought that this was the amazing Spiderman,make the the web sling and flying through the city.” It is pretty good, I’m glad a guy I know recommened it, he was right on every account. The only thing I don’t know is how clsoe it sticks to the movie.

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It looks really awesome, I hope to pick it up sometime soon.


What’s Spierman 2?

… thsi makes the first Spiderman the movie game look like shit.

You mean the first one didn’t just look like shit to start with?
Maybe I’m just bitter because I found the part where you had to dodge through the train tunnels impossibly hard. The controls were pretty awesome.