this is hilarious,1280,-4048533,00.html

I first read the account of a boat tipping over not knowing why it tipped, so I was thinking “wtf could make that happen!?”. Now everyone knows… Must’ve been some nudist.

That reminds me of the far-side comic where Madona falls down face first in her rubber life raft, killing everyone onboard.

I have a tragic idea as to what the two minor injures were.

Really? What were they, then? :smiley:

:ulty: C’mon, don’t be shy! Tell us!

Must … control … fist … of death …

Your schizophrenic reply made me paranoid.

Why didn’t they just buy Playboy?
Then they would still have been dry.

Sticky pages.

Yech. Most things nudist aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. You might expect cute girls or something along the lines of that, but you’re in for a rude awakening. We drove by a nudist beach in Nantucket, and my God it was worse than watching “The O.C.”

America continues to struggle with its sexuality.

I had a good laugh, though. Good show, Sin.

Heheheh…teh funneh. :hahaha;


Ouff! Where did that Bollard come from?

WindyTWIT, what are you doing rolling around on the floor?!

Demostrating where the two Minor Injures were!

Big Nutter

… Oh, right, gratuitious violence: the third “standard fare” component in sprite comics. I knew we’d forgotten something …

Um … et tu, Brute?

I only use this on people who deserve it.

[pokes the back of BN’s WinME sprite’s head] Where’s my braids in that sprite?

Deja vu?

I’ve sorted Emmy hair out now. Sorry for that glitch.

Big Nutter
2k, do you have mess with the Matrix? I hope we don’t get Smith.

I wanted to reply to this, but the last three posts killed my appetite. :frowning:

Heh, that was pretty funny.

That was weird. But funny.