This is definitely gonna be weird.

One of my teachers is the head of a student organization of campus and she asked me, along with a couple of other students, to be on the council for it. When my teacher first talked to us about it, she said that we would get all the information over lunch. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would be on weekend at my teacher’s house. It’s just a little strange. I thought lunch would be at school during a time when everyone had a break or something or even at restaurant off campus, but never at my teacher’s house.

Sounds like a cheesy porn movie in the making.

You never went to a teacher’s house before? Man, I used to go all the time.

Then again, that was to bang them.

I’ve been to a professor’s house. He didn’t want me there, because I was very close friends with his wife. Also, he was insane. Yeah.

I also knew a professor who lives on the street and showers in the fucking physical education showers. At least, that’s what HE says. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here teachers are always pretty close friends to their students. I’ve been to the houses of a few teachers, some have been to my house, we go to the same parties and all. I’m surprised that you guys have such a distant relationship with your teachers. Here it’s mostly like they were almost our older siblings, or sometimes the uncles and aunts we never had.

I have always been close to some teachers who remind me of Wil, and that’s why I think I admire him so much sometimes. Serious, those guys are one generation ahead of me and still playing videogames, reading Marvel & DC, watching Anime… And they are pretty hardcore at it.

I went to a concert with my literature teacher last year, so I don’t know, this doesn’t seem that weird to me. Unless some Mrs. Robinson shit starts to happen.

I am friends with most of my teachers, as a matter of fact the only ones I’m not friends with are the ones I wish would die in some horribly painful way. The history teacher I had two years in a row gives me a ride home every wednesday even though I’m no longer in her class and the Curricular Instituitional Space (Don’t ask) teacher is an avid RPG fan, which is awesome since I can mooch off the stuff he buys. My english teacher lends me books and novels all the time too.

And no, for the love of god, I don’t even want to think about anything even remotely erotic, they are all nice people but WAY over 60.

I’ve once Been to a party at teacher’s house… Pity, I finnished High School before she started… She’d Proberbly Give me these marks though.

French: Poor
German: Poor
Getting Drunk: very easly
Kissing: erm wow!

Yeah, I got drunk and Kissed her… she’s only 5 years older than I am.

I’ve always felt weird having a friendship-like relationship with my current professors. I feel it affects grading too much. I don’t feel as weird talking to past professors.

I think it’s because in our country these days there’s so much paranoia over whether relationships are proper - teachers here have to do so much ass-covering in order to be considered good by No Child Left Behind and not to be considered a perv for trying to get with students. They don’t want to end up fired or sued. Some distance is a result. I think it’s sad in a way. There are some bad apples, but most teachers are good and are good people too. :\

In college (or university, if you prefer), I don’t think it’s quite that way, especially since the students are older. Within my department, since students ended up working with professors on research so often that people are just closer, period. The proximity for resources also affects this - you end up going to the gym together, restaurants nearby have you eating together, the possibility of hearing your drunk professor sing karaoke has you drinking at the bar together… that sort of thing. :smiley:

VickiMints, It the same in the UK. As you know about Vandalsim, and Illegal drug taking… (well it is legal, but not at there age):

Both in what is considered to be the Nightly local Paper in my area.

I got along pretty well with my professors when I was doing my undergrad. I never went to their house but when I’d be bored, I’d occasionally walk around and just knock to see if they were busy, which the vast majority of the time, they were than happy to put aside their stuff. I’d cross them walking around and we’d talk for like 10-15 minutes. Hell one of the guys in my MD PhD program, when he interviews people, almost everyone gets questions as to whether or not you’d be willing to go to the pub. He even asked a girl what her thoughts were on hard liquor.

I’d do the same thing while I was in school with some of my professors.

With regard to the interview - I don’t know this since I’m a bit separated from graduate applications, but is personality fit actively considered when research groups are selected? I was sure that it’s at least thought about, but I’m curious as to whether people haven’t been selected based on that.

It’s at least considered a little. You will be spending a LOT of time with the people in the group and a bad dynamic will just make things rougher. All the phd groups I know are quite close-knit and they tend to unwind after work together (ie. bars).

t’s kind of funny. When you go to the graduate association meetings you’ll see the different groups all sitting together. It’s looks like a professional high school clique.

Whoa, unexpected compliment! Thanks, Ren! :slight_smile:

You know, some people ask me why I’m not a teacher, since I get along great with kids, and I take education VERY seriously. Well, I don’t have the necessary credits, nor the time or money to get them… though I’m seriously considering doing some tutoring on the side for extra money.

And btw, I also feel that relationships between students and teachers are also friendlier here than in the States; it may be a Latino cultural thing. We just see teachers as people, instead of somebody who’s been hired to educate us; sure, there are always a-holes, but for the most part, we get along fine, and, if not actually visiting them at home (that depends on the teacher) we certainly feel free to discuss things, ask favors, participate in school activities together, etc. College teachers here, however, can be a very uncaring lot, as I found when I graduated from high school. (Of course, my experiences were a good two decades ago. Things might’ve changed since then.)

Probably one of the things I look forward to the most as a future teacher is being able to have those kind of relationships with my students. I think that, during school, if I had more teachers like the ones described here, I probably would have paid more attention in school and performed better. As a result, I probably would have avoided a great deal of the extra curricular activities I ended up doing.

Suddenly that “hot for teacher” song comes to my head.

when i was in fifth grade we took a field trip to my teachers back yard. seriously, she had this huge yard that we messed around catching frogs and snakes and junk.

Don’t stand … Don’t stand so … Don’t stand so close to me!
Don’t stand … Don’t stand so … Don’t stand so close to me!

I agree, definitely weird.