This is awesome

Yeah I saw this on one of our TV shows about 1 or 2 years ago. It really is quite a “talent” …I guess. One things for sure though… I wouldn’t spend a dime to see them live! xD (not even free!)

I would love to see these guys live. I’d pay for it.

Maybe not if it was just them, but if they were along with other talents then I’d love to see them.

I loved how the male judges were laughing their asses off the entire time and the female one just had her jaw to the floor. Funny stuff indeed.

Yeah, that lady’s reaction is great…it’s like a mixture of horror and awe. XD

The penis is a versatile digit, not to be underestimated.

Too bad I cut mine off when I was 9.

If anyone else posted this thread. Sin would post like one word like “No.” and then close it right after.

I’m surprised you didn’t post “NO!” or… “This thread isn’t worth posting in.” If I posted this thread, you would have without a doubt! LOL!

But this thread tells me that Sin is a bit of a mystery! xD

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These guys were on the old Comedy Central show “Viva Variety” years ago. Classic stuff.

This does give a new meaning to the term ‘pianist’.

Too bad they weren’t playing their piano with their pee.

Where’s that genie gone? I want to try wishing for a 12 inch pianist again.