This is a good thread filled with neat things.

Never divide by zero

Bad ass webcam

In case you want to know a persons power level

DIY Laser cutter for under $50

Instant spray-on fabric

Beautiful ass speakers

50’s wallpaper

Hybrid Bikes Modeled After 1920’s Racers

Amazing illustration by Jason Levesque, aka Stuntkid.

‘Moog’ concept car

Easter will never be the same…

Neat art

Phone made out of water

If you’re into old skool electronics

Sweden is neat

Harrison Ford interviewed just after the premier of Star Wars in 1977

Some kind of crazy star trek sofa

Commodore re-releasing the Commodore 64 with new technology

Carlashes… eyelashes… for your car…

Cute ass micro frogs

Stay Puft is a real brand

Dunno what this is, but it’s cool looking

Weird furry shit

Cool disk jockey thing

cool couch

What a neat thread I have stumbled upon.

They are indeed neat things- Thanks, Charle!
The only one I had heard about before was the microfrog (and that was last week!)
The coolest one to me was the water cellphone (how the heck does that work??)
I want those Staypuft Marshmellows! :smiley:
And the what-the-heck award goes to the carlashes (who would buy that? aside from Lady Gaga…)

I hope you sluts love this thread. I spent like an hour on it.

I read as

“This is a good thread filled with meat things.”


Actually…yeah, this is a neat thread. I wanna water phone. :3


furry shit /no1

This is kind of like a yard sale and we are paying charle in compliments. Very nifty, but not much use. It kind of reminds me of my old thread: “How come we don’t have…”, only in this thread you found the things instead of putting out the things for us to find. Where am I?

GSG We would pay you for your stupid comments in penis. But you’d like it.