this is a good breakfast burrito

I took the tortilla, melted some coby cheese on it in the oven, got it nice and toasty too. then I took scrambled eggs, snausages, and hashbrowns, heated them up, then I slathered some salsa on it, and wrapped it up. and now i’m eating it. its delicious. i mean it is damn good. I almost wish you could all taste it. I’m getting pretty full, but i cant waste its deliciousness. mmm, god its good. I bet god had a hand in its creation, i wouldnt be surprised.the only way it could be better is if I had some ice cold ecto cooler to wash it down with. anyway, I’m done eating it, it sure was good. what do you guys eat for breakfast? God that was a good burrito. What do you guys make for breakfast?

Isn’t it a little late for breakfast? Though I imagine those burritos are good at any time of day… 8)

I didn’t eat breakfast today, actually.

I like to beleive that the first thing you eat in a day is breakfast. And I was asleep when everyone else had their burritos

McDonald’s burrito plus salsa, huh? >.>;

Yeah, but the difference between this burrito and anything from Mcadonadus, is that when I ate THIS one, I didnt have trouble breathing and my heart didnt start to hurt.

Home-made waffles ^^

I’m gonna put waffles in my next burritto!

Usually I eat rather simple fare, like a little cold cereal (and normally granola or shredded wheat), toast (possibly with jam or non-fat cream cheese), and fruit (oranges, grapefruit, apples, pears, and almost anything else). Occasionally, I scramble an egg or two. On special occasions, I might eat some of the following: (organic) bacon, (organic) breakfast sausages, hash browns, waffles (with maple syrup), pancakes, French toast, and fruit salad.

mmm, perc, that sounds nutritious and delicious.

waffle burritos??? ewwwww!!

What do you know?

Just wait until you see what lies in my French cookery books.

Normally, I favour fried eggs and toast washed down with apple cider. However, on occasion I add kiwi fruit to this. The combination works quite well, I find.

Man, I just hit up Waffle House and get hasbrowns covered and chunked.

Frosted flakes and poptarts. Breakfast of champions.

Man, pop tarts and strawberry eggos have fruit.


Cereal like Lucky Charms or Captain Crunch. Lately though, it’s been a lot of egg things; Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets, fried egg sandwiches, I think I’m sick of egg.

When I work mornings, I have hamburgers. The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. If not, I smoke a bowl and go back to bed because 9 am is too early for me to be up when I don’t work

I’ll usually toast a bagel, scramble an egg, make some bacon, the put the egg on the bagel, some american cheese on top of that, and then some bacon on the cheese, then eat. Its really bitchin’. And my mom makes breakfast crepes sometimes, which are <i>amazing</i>.

But school days i’ll usually just down a bowl of generic Wegmans Apple Cinnamon O’s. They’re cheap and good.