This is a flash movie

I don’t know how to describe this. This was made by the same lunatics that brought us the end of FF6 played out by consoles. Michael Jackson is in it.

That. Was. Amazing.

Good lord. O_o I am entirely freaked out now. I mean, freakily freaked out.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? That was some wierd shit.

Yes. That is definately a flash movie.

I liked the Tetris block and Pinball Flipper, and, of course, the nameless DWIII hero.

Comedy gold.

lol @ internet

Guh… twitch twitch

I didn’t know the origin of it, but I sure love that song. <-- Although I love this one even more.

Based on a true story too.

That’s what I thought this thread would be about =o

I love the scene in the second one where Michael appears as the fish in Ballon Fight.
It’s just so insanely fun, for some reason. ^^

Michael Jackson saves videogames. Up yours, Giant Space Zangief driven by the hatred of Jack Thompson.

See, this is how we want to remember Jackson, not as a child molesting pedophile, but as a badass breakdancing video game character that kicks everything in the face and saves the planet from Giant Space Zangief.

So strangely entertaining.

Dammit, if I had that much free time in my hands I’d so want to join these guys (the movie makers, not the sprites)

That was some awesome stuff. It’s always hilarious to watch that old Michael sprite thrash on traditional video game characters.

I changed my mind this is awesome. The second tetris bit had me loll’in.