This is a Big Ad.

Coolest. Commercial. Evar.

Never has the glorification of alcohol been so beautiful.

That was, infact, a very big ad.

That was awesome!

And it’d be illegal in Norway. ;_;

That was actually a good beer commercial.

Someone tell me there’s a way to download this. I must save it, to show it to my grandchildren.

That’s awsome. No other word can describe it. Except maybe big.


We had this on TV during the footy season; I saw it and was… “Wow… BIG”
But illegal in Norway… WTF ?!


Wow. I must try this beer.

That is the coolest ad I have ever seen.

I’m a Boddingtons Drinker myself, I’ve never seen that Beer at all.

The Ad: It’s Very funny.

In the UK: we have to have a written repsosible drinking notice on all TV ad. It’s accually the only words written or Verbal in some ads. The ad’s are Parrodys of older Ad of the oringnal Beer avdertiseing the ICE COLD vertition.

“Ay-Up, Kev! Are you sure you’ve got your y-fronts on the right way?”

Yes, along with every other advertisement for beer ( and whiskey and wine and smoke. )

Someone REALLY needs to find out how we can download this for safekeeping.

Behold my magic. Right click - Save as.
You owe me.

Fixed. I think.

That was, oh whats the word? Big & and awesome.

Thats three words Finris

Silence mortal!!!

Your link doesn’t work Nulani :frowning:

Y’all need to learn to read code

I tried that but for some reason it wouldn’t work, 984. It doesn’t save the movie onto my computer.