This hurts me.

Just reading half of this put me in pain.

:too bad;

That’s all I have to say.

Oouch… Poor child.

OMG That must’ve hurt like hell.

Now I feel uneasy. Ouch.

This seems somewhat in line with the “scissors in groin” thread…

Onodera called a local police station at about 5:30 p.m., saying her son had become immobile after she choked him.

I find the small amount of faith I have in humaity vanishing.


That is just sick.

Yes it is. I’ve never herad anything like this happaning anywhere before. If I did Japan would be the last place I think it would ever happen.

Holy mother of crap…


I while ago, on a different board, I said something about having a small portion of hope for mankind, and trying hard to keep it. Well… bye bye Hope.
There is very few things that upsets me more than parents attacking their own children.

Fucking hell… there’s crossing the line, then there’s being strapped to an ICBM and being shot across it at several times the speed of sound… “general mistrust of the male sex”!? That takes fucked-up to new extremes, for sure. :-/

“Ouch” doesn’t even begin to explain how much that would’ve hurt! cringes How could a mother do that to her own son? It makes me appreciate my own family even more now.

Crazy Lady!

How screwed up. I’ve read some stories like these recently; they really make you hate humanity.

Man. Cocktail weenies tonight.

It’s one person. It’s no reason for y’all to get all “OMG HUMNZ SUX! OMG! ME N0 HAV FAYTH NE MORE! OMG!”

ewwwwwww, that fuckin sucks. I went to a forensics photography class, and saw much worse, for instance a child that was bitten to death by its parents, human mind you. while its scrotum and fingers and nose were bitten clean off.

I’ve read and heard a hell of a lot like that in the last months. That was just the thing that pushed me over the edge.