This guy is a total badass...

but not really. He attends my college as well!

He does alot of good things, the AIDS fund, etc… but wasting all of that money to stay in college? What a badass… >,>

I’ve seen a 9 year bio major. GOD she was a walking waste of oxygen. I pity her future patients.

I can’t possibly imagine it…

You think he would have died of alchohol poisoning or something by now.

shrug There are far worse things he could be doing.

After eleven years, he would’ve been so broke he’d either be at class or whoring himself out.

You know that character on Home Improvement, Wilson Wilson? I see this guy growing up to be him.

Freaking liberal art hippies.

Good for him. I’m sure he’ll have a fair amount of options when he gets out.

Holy crap…Van Wilder comes to reality. Kudos for his decision however…best of luck to your future buddy.

I’ve seen worse. We have professors and students at my University that have completed up to eight years worth of courses in four or less. Too bad you can’t do that in the new system. Stupid Department of Education.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Van Wilder pails in comparison to this guy though.

“He’s one of the happiest people in the entire world, and if you reach that level of happiness, why not keep doing it?”

YOu know, orangutangs have the ability to remain teenagers as long as they want. I think this guy has more in common with orangutangs than humans.

Human’s have the ability to remain teenagers too. Hence a 34 year old who plays video games and lurks on the RPGClassics web-forum… and occasionaly the chatroom.