This forum is dead, so I'm going to post my new game demo here!

I’m waiting on my collaborator to sign off on it but you can have a sneak peek!

Press Y 3 times to skip to the boss. Pressing Y after that will cycle through your powerups.

Holy crap is that a fun game! Once I got the triple flames/sparks, I didn’t want to let it go, haha. And speaking as a novice coder, IT’S REALLY GOOD! What did you code it in?


It’s done in Construct 2, by Scirra.

Wow, that is very good! It reminded of one of by old favourite classics… Raptor! :smiley:

Good work! I enjoyed it thoroughly. :slight_smile:

It’s totes the next flappy birdo duder

Fun! Easier than some of the old bullet hell games thankfully!