This ever happen to you?

Okay, I was on the world map on FF7 in the Highwind, when out of nowhere this huge chunk of the map goes black. I’m not really paying attention, so I just fly straight through it, which was stupid. Anyway, all of a sudden the music starts to distort and everything like one of those creepy carnival rides and the entire screen goes black. A similar thing happened when I was playing FF9 (once again, on an airplane). All the mist rose up and I couldn’t go anywhere. I blame Square: what’s the point of having a great game if you can’t play it? That’s so retarded.

Your games might be bugged. Check the discs for scratches and what-not.

They’re new. I just got them last week. And they weren’t used or anything.

Did you know that if you go outside the rocket in space you can fight Octagon WEAPON? He has several quintillion hit points, and you need Crono’s Rainbow Sword to kill him because it can do a quadrillion damage per shot. It’s the only weapon that can.

You get the rainbow sword by having a saved game of Chrono Trigger PSX version on your memory card, and talking to mog in sector 3 of Midgar. You need a special key to get there. Aeris gives it to you after you revive her.

After you talk to mog, you have to go save, but when you save you can highlight the Chrono Trigger file. Select it and you’ll get the Rainbow Sword in your inventory. It has an attack power of one billion.

After that you have to go to the sub, and find a hidden cave that goes under the island where knights of the round is. There you’ll find the 5th huge materia, which gives you the Ragnarok summon. If you use Ragnarok on a Tonberry he’ll give you Rocket Fuel. You can go back up to space with it, and go outside and fight Octagon WEAPON.

<b><i>FIGHT: Octagon WEAPON</b></i>

Octagon has a move called Omega Beam, which is unblockable and will kill all 3 of your party members in one shot. The only way to beat Octagon is to equip Sephiroth (you get him on Disc 3 in Vincent’s coffin) with Crono’s rainbow sword, and use Omnislash^2 on him.

It will hit Octagon 225 times for 999 999 999 999 999 damage per hit. You should win after that.

After Octagon is dead, you get the Master Ultimate materia. It equips every materia in the game onto one of your characters.

PS1 or PS2? PS2 doesn’t like FFVII much.

That happened a few times to me as aeell in the past. Only thing is, I SAW the blackness oput of the corner of my eye while flying past, and decided to fly into it. Then my game fucked up, and I restarted. I think it’s jsut somethign to do with how the World Map works, and moving too fast on it.

Stop screwing her mind Hades, this is how “Revive General Leo” and “Revive Aeris” were born. :noway:

It’s probably a bug with FF7, but FF9 is what struck me as odd. I never heard about bugs in the final version of that game (You don’t happen to have the one that says KALISTO on the opening screen right?).

He’s talking about Faruk, which if I’m not mistaken, is far before your time.

Good funny Hades, good funny.

Hades like to fuck people’s minds?

… Hey, if it floats your boat.

God Hades, I can’t believe you forgot about the Prism Materia. Sephiroth is supposed to have that equipped also.

PS1. You think maybe because it’s so old…? Well, not old, obselete.

Damnit Hades. It’s Octagonal weapon, Not Octacon!


Cherubis, are you playing on a PS2 with the Disc Speed and Texturing set up? That might be the cause. I’ve had the same thing happen to me. Some games just don’t work unless you leave the settings at their defaults, and some games simply don’t work well at all no matter what you do with the PS2.

No, I don’t. Maybe Final Fantasy just hates me… :bowser:

If it’s new, maybe the copy of the game is defective. Where’d you get it from (I got a defective PSX game a while ago, so it’s possible)?

GameStop. The one in Akron sucks.