This deserves a holy shit

I’m playing d2x this summer.

I said it once and I’m saying it again, as soon the patch comes, I’m getting back into D2 ^^

This might finally give me a reason to get D2.

I have no idea what you’re talking about Sin, could someone direct me to the part of the link that’s so good?

(I bought D2X a couple weeks ago then RO came out the next day so I’ve been only playing that :P)

It’s about the 5 or 6 latest news posts, Flint.

There’s some huge patch that’s going to be like another expansion so it’ll change everything. With my current faith in Blizzard, they’ll nerf the good stuff and screw everything else up royally.

New Unique Item Properties - Some of the all-new unique item properties introduce entirely new twists to the world of Diablo II. Imagine a Barbarian who can shape-shift into a Werewolf.

Flint, this is an esp big deal if you’ve had D2 for a while and you got a good idea about how things work. Check out the forums on battle net to get the scope of how massive this sucker’s gonna be. They’re revamping a lot of stuff and adding in a buncha more stuff to get people to have fun and to get em to make combination characters instead of following stupid recepies. A problem with D2 had become hackers, lack of variety. Now this’ll add variety.

They need to work more on hackers. Hackers ruin so much in bnet games really.

Well, I don’t really play in public games or anything, so I really don’t know much about that.

Im also looking forward to this new patch, it should help put some life back into this game.

Ooh, I see now. I’ve been playing D2 for a long long time (well, two and a half years) but just got D2X, looks like I won’t get to see it’s current state, heh :stuck_out_tongue:

My D2 install disc isn’t working so I haven’t been able to play since I formatted. Here’s an excuse to buy it again :smiley: .

why not copy someone’s install disc and use your CD Key?

Because I don’t know anyone with D2.

That’s not an excuse, but this WILL make D2X fun again. I can’t wait!

Not to mention it will make SoJs quite valuable.

I’ve never gotten a damn SoJ in my entire life.

You’re not the only one, Sin.

Ive had a few, but I got those through trades. I’ve never actually found one. One time, I found a Nagel Ring and almost exploded because I thought it was an SoJ.

Had 2 Soj on a Sorc, back in the old days when i was in a clan

We had a waiting list, and an addicted player who used to collect Perfect Skulls…6 or 7 Perfect Skulls would Equal a SOJ in Trade, or something :slight_smile:

The only reason I scammed is because the game lost it’s only other form of entertainment…
YAY, A REASON TO BE LEGIT! :slight_smile: