This could be the ultimate your mom joke

But it did actually happen

If the internet were to end up this instant, at least we could all rest asured that it served its greatest purpose.

Yes, if something is written on the internet, in a gossip column, it must be true.

In other news: another amazing and true internet gossip news story

On snap, I knew this would happen. All those years of potato guns are finally coming back to haunt me!


But the date-your-mom story looked credible at first sight ;_;

I for one welcome our new legume overlords.

I saw a movie once where they said the stories in tabloids were true, so these stories must be true! Also the New York World’s Fair was held to cover up a UFO landing.

Nice. We should make a sticky for links, like we have (or had?) for flash movies.

Meh, it’s been done before.

Bwah hah hah hah!!!


Oh no this is worse than when those killer tomatoes started attacking.

Sounds like my mom.



I knew this was going to happen lol X) .I always took that online dating thing to be bullshit.You wanna meet the love of your life? Get out of your house PLZKTHNKS

Hehe legume overlords.I honestly dont think they were sober to begin with ^^

Yeah, well, your mother fucked a midget.

i thought they were tubers…

ya even i remember the terror

Them taters are out to git mhe.