This actually has elements of truth

Which, when you think about it, proves how ignorant some Americans are. I don’t know whether to laugh because it’s funny or cry because it’s truthful.

Damn commies! shakes fist

This is old.

The “Here be dragons” was pretty clever, but yeah old. If you’re going to go with the time tested Americans are ignorant gag you need something new and creative.

Well, the idea is old, but that map is new.

That map is not new at all. I put it in my American history folder 3 years ago.

you made up for me not seeing it before, by it being really not funny.

Where’s Scandinavia?
They’d know where Scandinavia is!

They would?

But yeah I think it’s kinda funny :smiley:

I like the old one better.

Yeah, it must be old. I don’t see the Middle East labeled as “the root of all evil” or “oil reserves that need to be taken over”.

GG linked me to it so blame him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I had never seen it until a few days ago. =P

Yes they would.
There’s lot of Scandinavians in the US.

Where is Scandinavia? Is it in the cold area or the east commy areas?

Lol. I saw something like that, it wasn’t really about American’s being ignorant though. I think GG linked me to that one too, even… O_o

It’s in the ocean.

Lol, I live in the land of dragons!

I’m not a communist, you bloody Americans!!! >_<

You probably fit under Yurop, Mabat.