Today I turn 30, and officially pass into the ranks of oldmanhood.

It’s a bit weird, knowing that in about another nine months or so I’ll be going back to school with people 10-12 years younger than me.

Happy birthday man! (I have that milestone coming up in a few months, so I’ll join you in oldladyhood then. :D)

Happy Birthday old man Rast. :>

Happy birthday man, many happy returns. I remember the shock you generated when you said you were enlisting. I’m glad to see you made it out ok and out of all the trouble from the past.

It isn’t thirty, it’s twenty-ten!

Thirty…yikes! I don’t want to think about it! I already decided that I’m not going to count any more after 25!

Anyway…Happy Birthday! :toast:

Happy Birthday! Also, don’t feel so bad about turning 30.
You’re not an old man yet…

Happy Belated Birthday Rast! :toast:

Oh and watch out for that thing called Mid-life crisis. I hear that it makes guys do crazy things.

This thread kinda makes me wonder how old everyone here is… I’m 22. Although I look a lot older, especially in my current display pic.

Edit: Maybe not.

Thanks for comments :).

I do think I’ll stop getting older and just be 30 for a few years though. My life is sufficiently non-standard that I’m not terribly worried about having a mid-life crisis, since I’m too old to really go back and try and do any of the stuff that I missed. Not that that seems to stop anyone else though.

Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, Rast, hope you had a good one!

Everyone’s going back to school these days. And happy birthday.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Rasty.

We can celebrate with some The Varsity.

Happy birthday!

(And I can’t tell if the topic title is an intentional WoW reference or what.)

Happy birthday Rast. I blame you for bringing me here due to your old RPG Engine website that is now history.