Thinking of playing WoW again, tell me why I shouldn't.

TD before you say anything I know about Warhammer Online and will still be playing that with you guys when it’s released okay. :slight_smile:

I’m getting pretty tired of EVE lately and nostalgic for WoW and I think I may start playing it again so when I want to play MMOs I don’t have to stare at a starfield all night.

I’m not intending to play it as a get-to-sixty-as-fast-as-possible where-are-my-purpz drama-whore or anything, just casually, an hour or so a night. I know all the reasons I want to, so you guys tell me why I shouldn’t and let’s see who has the best reasons.

Because when I asked you about it a while ago you said no and Warhammer Online.

Also since you’re probably reactivating your EU account and EU servers suck the buttercup.

No, since I sold my 60 Warrior I’ll probably join an SA-guild on a US server. I want to start again because I had a lot of fun with you and Sal just fucking around in the game. :slight_smile:

Also there’s a long time to WO okay jeez.

Clearly, this merits discussion in the chat, so that I might play <i>humorous</i> sound effects while mocking your nationality.

It’s the devil?

Roll horde on Kil’Jaeden so I can gank you! (At least horde on a server in battlegroup 9)

You shouldn’t play because at this point unless you’re really good it’s hard to get into one of the top guilds on your server. Most new guilds that form up progress really quickly (Because they have the easy route for MC and BWL) but then break up for no reason.

So what you need to do is become someone important in the guild (My friend became an officer in one of these) and pick up as much loot as fast as you can (Sadly my friend did not do this) and then app to one of the better guilds on your server. (My friend did do this)

  1. It’s boring.

  2. The people that play it are even more moronic than most other MMORPGs.

  3. There is absolutely no game balance whatsoever.

  4. The Alliance.

  5. The point of the game is to kill monsters so that you can get better equipment to kill monsters to get better equipment to kill monsters to get better equipment (ad infinitum).

  6. Endless pointless fetch quests.

I hope those are enough reasons to dissuade you from making a grave mistake.

Human females look fat!

Night elf males look like Michael Jackson! I’m sure you had a GREAT time with your orphan, hmmmmmmmm?

Okay question then; if I wanted to play on a US server what would I need to do? I’m from the UK for those who don’t know me.

Can you upgrade a guest account to a full account through the WoW site? Failing that is there any place that sells EU authentication keys online?

Because unless you used my quasi-legal (at best) server, you would have to deal with the heart-aching pain of knowing you aren’t playing with me, when you could be. Everyone wants to play with me!

Oh, and I’m with GAP. The Alliance.

…Ummmmm…Ahhhhhh…Never mind I can’t think of a thing…

Then don’t post, buttercup.

<marquee scrollamount=“25”><font size = “70” color = “red”>IT’S A TERRIBLE GAME</font></marquee>

Save your money for when Africa the MMORPG comes out.

Maybe he meant that there isn’t a reason not to

Link plz.
(I’m not expecting an actual game, I just felt like I missed a joke reading that, as though someone made a parody website involving Africa the MMORPG that I have not seen.)

It’s a real game and we (as in TD and me and other cool people (and of course posers thinking they’re cool)) are going to play when it comes out.

Going to that site got the song Africa (by Toto) from Vice City stuck in my head for some reason :expressionless: