Thinking About The Army (Band)

I’ll get back to you when I have a tad more time.

Update on my end:

It’s looking more and more like Army Band for me right now. The nearest Air Force bands near me are only for Reserves and National Guard; it’s not going to pay that much and the playing opprotunitys won’t be as often, so I gather.

Army Band’s website gave me a more vivid picture and info on exactly what’s going to happen. Basics, two weeks off then go straight to Armed Forces School of Music for a few months in VA. I’m not sure how I get assigned where after that, I think it’s a list-your-preferences thing and they see where to go from there. However, looking at the AFSOM’s website (google it, it’s hip), the scheduling and such look right up my ally. I’ll do my damnest to try and challenge some of the entry theory and ear training stuff, if able.

So, to current militia peeps, what are some pointers for training/preparing for basics? I’m aiming to leave in Janurary (got a lot of scattered prior committments all through the rest of this year) and in the meanwhile I’m using 25 lb and 10 lb weights, crunching, push-ups, and a bit of jogging right now.

Run, run, and run. Push-ups and sit-ups are pretty easy to improve on and don’t tie into quite as many things as endurance and running. Just make sure you are in good shape and you should be good.

I also remember hardly sitting during basics, so being used to standing/walking around/running may be a plus.