Things took a turn for the worse...

blah blah blah. GIVE ME YOUR PITY, FOOLS!!!

Whatever. I’ve decided to keep my feelings to myself.

Thats nice manus.

<img src=“”> Man Manus, you selfish prick, this thread isn’t about you!

tends to GMs severe emotional scars

GM: You could have at least made the subject into a humorous play on words of the original thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Poor GM, is there anything we can do to make you feel better?

gives GM more emotional scars

Since I didn’t have a chance to reply not even once…

Guess what? Life kicks you in the head in a certain way if you try too much. And if you’ve ever realized one thing, life tends to give you the same results if you attempt to do the same thing repeatedly. Of course, doing something repeatedly and expecting different results is just plain… silly. <-- (If you know the real thing behind this one, snicker to yourself and pat yourself in the back…)

Of course, if you really don’t care about attention…

See if someone cares. I dare you.

pities GM

Manus has a new name: Manus The jolly pity whore!

Guys, please, no need to toss oil on fires here.