Things that make you go "Buh? o.O"

Those monks ain’t right in the head… amongst other parts

I saw something like that on Travel Sick. He kicked a martial arts master in the groin for a challange or something. The guy didn’t even flinch.

I’m a first degree black belt and all I have to say is…ouch.

I’m surprised they didn’t bring in Arnold to try :hahaha; .

I can see it now…

Arnold: “Yur shure ya whant me to kick you like dis?”
::Monk Nods::



…so much for the vow of silence.

Shao Lin monks are awesome. I wish I could have seen it in person.

Vow of silence? That’s western monks…

Well, I suppose it’s something to do…

The Cali Govt. is looking more like a circus every day.

It’s just because the politicians didn’t know how to do it. They’re used to word throwing, not groin kicking. They should’ve called me in.

And the point of all that is…?

…and the point of a lot of threads made in the main forum day is…? :hahaha;

I wanna be like that when I grow up.

Does that mean we can kick you in the balls Steve?


Lol thats great XD

I just showed my dad this and he got a kick out of it.
Thanks for the great find :cool:

Crazy monks and their super-human ball-protectness.