They're watching.

You mean gold fish can’t live in tap water?

Apparently not… they died within 10 minutes of submersion into tap water. :’<

They survive fairly long in salt water, until a bigger fish eats them…

Tap water has all kinds of shit in it like fluoride and whatnot. Pretty bad for fish, actually.

At 4 years old, you’re not supposed to know those kind of things. I’m a murderer! D:

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They probably died from the temperature shock.

What the fuck?

Sin’s Got crabs!!

Yeah, Some one else said too!

my only question is, what do the crabs know and when did they know it?

Oooh, they have little sparkly button eyes ^.^
And I’ve always put my fish into tap water up to now. None of them died so far. Unless I helped fate a little, of course o.o

I used to have hermit crabs… A long long time ago. Watch it when they get rid of their old skin; it looks like they’ve died.