They're watching.

They’re watching you with their unblinking eyes. Fear.

What the hells wrong with you.

Sin’s got crabs!


Sin’s had crabs for a while now. And no boiling pots.


Your crabs look healthy and at ease.

Crabs rock. How old are they?

HEY! No Crab related threads! You save them for next year’s Crab Day! >:O

How cute.

Aww, they’re cute ^.^

What do they eat?

They’re dancing.

Cute hermit crabs. How big are they? rocks.

“We need the food feed to feed food or else food won’t have the food feed.”

But Ren, what the fuck?

I caught loads of those when I was a kid. I wish someone would’ve told tme that salt water crabs can’t live in fresh water, and certainly not in a small bucket filled with tap water. Poor crabs.

Nulani, the same happened to me, but it was with goldfish, not crabs. :’<

Crabs are cool.

Wait…aren’t goldfish freshwater? O_o

Er… the other way around. I put them in tap-water. D: