They're Uncanny, those (X) Men! (Yeah, that one works! :)

In other words, more X3 movie news, including:

*A description of the filming of a battle scene between Wolverine and Juggernaut! (it’s in Portuguese, but hit Babelfish and you should understand it mostly well.)

*An interview with the teenage actress who plays Kitty Pride.

*Another description of filming, this time a Magneto scene.

There’s also some stuff on other comics-related movies and TV shows here:

Hope you enjoy it.

That cool…but for god sake, never use that thread title again! throws a heavy object at Wil Sorry, but it the worst possible thread title anyone can use…other then “Hi, I am new here…look at my website now”.


Under the picture, he says Wolverine will star a solo movie in 2007.

I don’t like the way the author uses words.

edit: Wil, I love your avatar.

Yay for the Brazilian!

For the love of god, stop making titles like that.

I second this. Its become inane.

Hmm … 1/3 of the comments are “yay X-men”, and the rest seem to be “stfu don’t use that title anymore!” Which bandwagon should I jump on?

The one that says Wil’s avatar is a crappy photoshop-job

Also, I stopped watching the X-Men movies after 2… I just kinda got bored with 'em.

aren’t there only two out?

That’s my point. I don’t want to watch any more of them.

Then don’t. Im not really a big fan of comics so X-men never appealed to me as much as the rest, so I stopped watching it after 1 since I only saw 1/4 of the second part ;it doesn’t count.

Well, if nobody else will post inane thread titles anymore, then I’ll happily drop mine too.

Ren, thanks for the translation, it was much better than Babelfish’s. I considered asking you to do it but didn’t dare bother you.

Mitsuko: The X-Men movies work well even if you’re unfamiliar with the comics. That’s why they became such huge hits- there’s not enough comics geeks to support all that box office, trust me. Of course, for those of us who are comic book fans, seeing characters from the comics used only makes them all the more fun.

I need to feel needed, so please do call me whenever you need or want =p

Except none of us have such a stupid thread title ritual. Besides, mods could just change it to something less annoying like “X-Men 3 Movie News.” And it’s not a good idea to try and make demands (which your comment subtly was) to Sin. That angers Sin. He’s angry, that Sinistral.

Plus, the lame title as been commented on before.

Wil, the problem with you doing the same sort of lame thread title repeatedly versus the lame thread titles that come out is that those are sometimes the best a person can think of at the moment and happen every so often. Hell, even if it was originally a cool title it would be bad since it has been done to death.

“Holy Shit” ?

Damn X-Men 3 is sounding very cool. And I sort of wondered when Wolverine would get his own movie.

And Wil don’t listen to them. If you want to keep using the same thread title idea, then use it.

I definetly can’t wait for the third. I <3 them.

This is going to suck balls for a host of reasons.