They're FANTASTIQUE, those Four

Or: The Fantastic Four, French version. NO, really!!

Hmm, this actually looks cool… I like all the designs, EXCEPT Jhonny’s. C’mon, he looks like Vash the Stampede!! And what’s with The Thing’s chest insignia?

Doctor Doom looks more like a sorcerer than a mad scientist, but he’s still cool. Certainly COOLER than the idiot in the movie…

I might watch this show.

Il est CLOBBERING time!! :hahaha;

Doom did have a cape and hood in his original costume. They just added a collar to make it look modern. The old one made him look more like an evil knight than a mad scientist.

I thought Marvel Has a amimated Fantasic Four TV show… Done Mid 90’s


I like the concept art. I’ll watch it.

ditto. the concept stuff looked pretty good to me.