Welcome to america!

Did anyone see this episode? Part of me wonders what possibly could have happened to this woman to make her freak out so much.

Someone linked a preview clip, this is the whole thing I see.

Its just as horrifying.


Yea, fucked up.

I’m just pointing out where the thread about it was. Besides, did it ever occur to you that he may want to read what we’ve already said about it. It isn’t like the full thing just blows our minds and completely changes how we feel about the lady. Fuck. Besides, look at the times posted.

Culture shock. >_>

I feel sorry for the little girl there…she’s like, “o.o”

Omg she took the tainted money…what a surprise. Man that was funny, but damn hope she never comes near me. Though just in case i can sing Witchcraft and she has a heart attack ^ _ ^

I skipped the original thread somehow, thanks RC and Dev.
But this fat warrior is scaring the bejesus out of me. She is not unique unfortunately.

Seen it all on wednesday. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a while.

It’s cuz you don’t have the same "armor she has (jelly rolls) . >_>

That woman is ugly in all senses of the word: Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

This lady always reminds me of the old Bill Hicks joke about how creationists tend to look really unevolved.

This Lady: “I believe God created me in one day!”

Bill: “…Yeah, looks like He rushed it.”

Dang, she makes Christians look bad. I mean, ya, we shouldnt surround ourselves with things we could be tempted to do, but this chic totally flipped out. Also, she made a big deal about the money, and then accepted it in the end…what a hypocrite. Oh well, she was totally…odd. Its people like this that make people who arent christains, not want to be. I wish i could slap her, i might feel better.

Then ask her to turn the other cheek.

I’m at the point where, in my thinking on religion, I’m simply fed up with it. If there is a God, fine. He needn’t send his minions to save me. I’ll be a good person because that works, and if he wants me to go to hell for not knowing the secret password Jesus, then I’ll go laughing; he wouldn’t deserve humanity’s servitude anyway. I don’t need to know if He is there or not, if He cares about humankind, if He even knows we exist or if He’s a She (or an It O_o). If the universe and our world were created in any amount of benevolent wisdom, I can infer the way any God would want us to act.

To put the capstone on my decision, to commit totally to any one religious denomination, or even to commit to atheism, strikes me as ultimately arrogant; you’re assuming you can’t be wrong on this, regardless of demonstrable fallibility in your past decisions and those you’ve yet to mis-make.

There are people, mostly the intellectually stingy who seem to clog the collective storm drains of our society, who would gasp at my agnosticism. How can you be a good person without God to give you your morals? Or, conversely, how can you even be <i>open</i> to such a ridiculous proposition of a mystical, supernatural being who created and controls the entire universe? I’m sad to say for a long time in my youth I was heading in one of those directions or the other.

My current thinking is this; morality stems from two core values, and two only. They are these; compassion, kindness and caring for other human beings, and restraint, keeping your own desires in check unless they must be satisfied. All “right” and “wrong” values that we attribute to our actions and those of others stem from adherence or violation of one of these principles. Often both, come to think of it.

Furthermore, she is not a warrior. She is unarmed in her combat against “this heathen shit” but for her violence and blind conviction. A Warrior, or at least one whose title merits capitalization, is a being of both power and, simultaneously, discipline, adhering to a code which directs the use of their force with clear and unmitigable precision. This power may not necessarily be physical; regardless of the source of their power over others, their character as Warriors (again, note the capital “W”) is the same.

Do I need some kind of special codec to watch this? Cause I can’t. :frowning:

Try opening the link in Internet Explorer.

Holy crap! 0_0; I wonder what she thinks of Star Wars?

Bahaha, my thoughts exactly. Cool, we could hang out in Limbo. :smiley:

Lazy people of the world unite?

I like how, on second thought, she decided to take the money.