They want me to what? @_@

Finish Metroid Fusion under 2 hours with 100% items? ARGH! Its impossible! >.<

Its like the 6th time I finish Metroid Fusion, so far I only found like 75% of the items (Some of them are really well hidden), and I can’t make it under 4 hours. Ugh. I could do all the other metroid fine… but this is too much o_-

This is about the billionth thread about someone not being able to complete Metroid Fusion in two hours with all the items. And yeah, I haven’t been able to do it either.

I have a site that shows you the pics.

That’s easy, you just need to know the exact locations of every single item and the quickest possible ways to get every single item whilst at the same time knowing the quickest possible ways of finishing each mission.

…Alright, it’s not easy.

Bah Teh best I have is 100% at about… 2:30 or around that. Can’t remember.

Damn that sounds as hard, as the “FF9 get to the forth disc in uder 12 hours, for Steiner’s best weapon.” Impossible!!

I found it quite easy.

1:49 with 100%

1:47 with 100% here.

I’ll never do it. My best was 86% in 1.56.


1:57, 100%

Granted, I spent like six hours in the previous game searching out each and every secret, but it astill counts.