They Still Exist

Remember the NES game “Bible Adventure?” Well, apparently they made a loooot more games than that… and they still exist. Isn’t that peachy?

3d noah’s ark was a wolfenstien clone, only you shot berries at mean animals.

Edit: JESUS!

One time I played Spiritual Warfare, but the game said I couldn’t win because I wasn’t baptized.

Bible Adventures was a great game, heaten.

I remember the games, but never actually played them.

I played one of their games for GBOriginal (i think it was theirs). It was a clone of the desert levels of mario, except you played as moses. It was <i>definitly</i> a rom hack :P. My friend Steve had it, which was crazy 'cause he isn’t christian at all.

I just though it was funny that a <i>christian</i> company was pirating and hacking games :P.

What a waste of time.

Twelve diverse territories
Over 300 detailed screens
Background Gospel Music
Password Feature
Full screen status bar with map & score

BACKGROUND GOSPEL MUSIC!!! holy mother of fucking christ…

Oh my God.

That’s the whole point, isn’t it? :smiley:

I remember once playing this bible-themed FPS where you faught the war between heaven and hell. It was actually kinda cool, mostly cos it had no actual basis in the Bible, but still…

i like bible adventures. its a fun little game. And when you get bored (like I do) you can spend 10 minutes or so picking up Moses and throwing him down holes and stuff. Fun game. i first played it in 5th grade. my sister’s school was next to a church and on friday nights, the church would open and have “Kids Klub”. They had games to play, snacks, toys, etc. Tetherball, basketball, four-square, etc. And they also had about 20 Nintendos and maybe 100 games. I didn’t care much for the church stuff, but being allowed a library of 100 Nintendo games was my wet dream. Bible Adventures was in a white cart, so I checked it out. Despite the religious theme, its still a moderately fun game.

Bible Adventures is awesome. I mean, who knew Noah could lift so many oxes over his head at a time?

Spiritual Warfare is pretty sweet too. It’s no Zelda, but for an unlicensed adventure game, it’s definitely worth playing.

3D Noah’s Ark is awesome in that it was the only unlicensed SNES game released in America, and it used the engine from Wolfenstein 3D (the legend goes that id was so upset by Nintendo’s censorship of the SNES port that they gave the engine to Wisdom Tree… but it’s probably more likely that Wisdom Tree paid them for the engine).

They’re not the best games out there, but it’s unfortunate that these games are being demonized just because of their theme, when there are far worse games out there that deserve to be demonized (Bebe’s Kids anyone?)

marvel’s x-men is way worse. i’d rather go to sunday school than play x-men.

Very, very good point. Although you have just admitted to playing Bebe’s Kids. :frowning:

I’ll give it a month until SA posts a review on it.

Doesn’t get sadder than that. Jerry Halwell (whatever the hell his name is) would have a field day plugging this stuff to kids.

Jerry Hallwell is from the Spice Girls. Jerry Falwell is the evangelist who lost his virginity to his mother in an outhouse, or so goes the parody by Larry Flynt.

My bad.

Which Marvel’s X-Men? Although, depending on which it is, that’ll probably be a good point.