They should really make a new [Insert Game]

They should really make a new Kid Icarus. That would be sweet. Also, I really want to see a new Super Smash Bros. and a new FF Tactics not on the GBA.

What games do you want to see a sequel/remake for? Lets hear em.

  • Street Fighter
  • Proper-Old-School Final Fantasy
  • Bahamut Lagoon
  • NES and SNES Fire Emblems
  • Final Fantasy III

Old fashioned side scroller Mario. :frowning:

Edit: And not another goddamn partial port of Mario All-Stars.

I would love it if they made a sequel/prequel/I dont care as long as they do something for chrono cross!^^.They were talking about about making an addition (I forgot what the game was titled…chono…something) but no details were said and they stopped production. DAMN THEM

I’d love to see a Paper Mario game based on Luigi’s exploits in the Gamecube version…Paper Luigi, if you will. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only other thing I ever wished for, a new Lunar game, is now a reality, so I guess I can’t wish for that anymore.

A new Original Series Mega Man game.

Tactics RPG Shining Force, not Shining Force Neo, and not for a damn cell phone.

A new Shining Force would be sweet.

“Tales of” Game… Wait Namco Tales team are doing one At the mo. Legendia, I think, Phatanisia and Eternty and Destinys should get re-relesased in Enlish in the UK and US.


Tales of… (granted I still need to play Eternia)
Warsong/Langrisser Hikari
Shining Force
Phantasy Star (NOT online)
Wild Arms (still need to finish 3rd, and play 1st and 2nd)

Chrono TRIGGER, I think that’d be awesome!


Final Fantasy III


Mischief Makers

I would love to see Super Mario RPG on a portable system or something. Just, remake it, please!
My SNES doesn’t work anymore, so I can’t play it. :bowser:

Rumour has it that a new Smash Bros. game is planned for launch with the Revolution.

I can’t wish for a new Zelda or console Fire Emblem, as not only will we be getting both, they are two of the main reasons why I own a Gamecube.

But I’m with whoever said Proper-Old School-Final Fantasy. I haven’t seen one of those without using an emulator in so long.

A new Langrisser Hikari game is just wishful thinking at this point, but goddamn that would be the shit if there was. As long as it doesn’t resemble the crappy DC one(Millenium). Which most L fans don’t even consider to be part of the series, as it was not developed by CareerSoft.

Also, I want a new GTA with the old skool isometric camera!!!

that last comment should not be taken seriously, as I was only kidding

A new Knights of the Old Republic, another Metal Slug game for GBA, and maybe a new Golden Sun.

A new Parasite Eve.

a new RPG for a new series that has nothing to do with a previously released series?

StarTropics, ha ha :smiley:
The next Golden Sun… another Breath of Fire game (for what could happen after Dragon Quarter?)

I’m pretty sure the SSB Revo game isn’t a rumor. Nintendo said back at E3 that an online SSB would be a launch title for the Revo.

I want Resident Evil 5. Damn cliffhangers.