For all those of you who remember the absolutely wonderful (for those who don’t: try it now and start with the croc if possible), they now finished the sheep! =D And may I tell you, that poor thing went through misery… Go play! NOW! :stuck_out_tongue:

All my life, everything, its all be leading me up to this moment.

Pretty much =D I’ve waited really long for this <3

Hey wow, I was just thinking about this game the other day. Amazing how this shit always works out. snuggles her DT just to make everyone JEALOUS >E

I seem to recall beating the sheep a few months ago… Maybe I just got far into it. … No, I’m pretty sure I beat it.

Man. Those things are so damn cute.

The Italian translation sucks c**k. I’ll play the English version, it seems real fun…

=^^= TELEPATHY~~ snugs :smiley:

I knew you were into girls now, your avatar gives it away.

I cured the croc. Dude he was really fucked up the head.

In the end, he humps that thing he loves so much in a way it seems he’s having sex with it.

Not as much as I’m into laughing at stupid trolls who are about to get their rewards after waiting waaaaay too long. :slight_smile:

Poor little sheep.

Thanky Dragon Tear, i went back and cured the hippo and crocodile before trying the sheep; but i cured them all. :cool:

Hurrah! Cheers! Jolly!
I always did like the crocodile.