There's four of them, and they look pretty fantastic, so I guess they must be-


Check out the trailers.

They changed the premiere date to July 8 rather than 4, which would’ve been perfect for it… rumor is, they want to avoid competing with Spielberg’s War of the Worlds remake.

Looks like Dr. Doom WILL also be mutated by the cosmic rays. I don’t mind that so much, but I hope his metal look is an armor, like in the comics, and not his real skin! Come on, what makes Doom so cool is that he challenges the FF with his intellect!!

I still don’t know enough about the story to judge it. I DO know they DID reshoot some scenes very recently. Rumor is, the ending was too similar to The Incredibles’. Who, ironically, are a FF-rip off. But their movie was so WELL done, I fear the FF movie might not compare!

Heh, the kids will probably say, “Aww, they’re rippin’ The Incredibles off!” :hahaha;

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You guys heard of these new cell phones? They’re wireless!

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Sin wins.

ahem In any case, this DOES look pretty interesting, but it could really go either way.

Meh…another comicbook-based superhero film. Not my kind of thing, usually.

This will be a bad superhero film.

I hope this ends up being a good movie,but unfortunatly I don’t plan on seeing it,you see I have this strange hatred towards the FF,but especially Reed Richards,however I always thought Doctor Doom was an awesome villian.

You know the real message of Fantastic Four? Communism=Russians=Bad.

The Fantastic Four are the lamest heroes ever. Half of them don’t even have a really useful power. Sure, invisibility is handy but how are you going to fight villains if invisibility is all you have going for you? And Mr Fantastic…most inapproprate name ever. He’s not fantastic at all, he’s a fuckin’ rubber band. Light him on fire and he’s dead. Now, the Human Torch and the Thing are all well and good, and Dr Doom’s awesome…but that doesn’t make up for the supreme lameness of the series.

Go Dr. Doom!

She can also form invisible forcefields around anything, turn anything invisible, and use aforementioned fields to punch things with incredible force. I don’t know whether they’ll use that in the movies though.

This is the one Marvel Comics movie we old comics fans have REALLY been waiting for… especially after the fiasco that was the first version (Yes, this is the SECOND version. the first version was done by Roger Corman… Hollywood’s king of the B-movies… and was so bad, they NEVER released it officially. Bootleg copies ocassionally appear for people to watch (and groan to) privately.

Now they have a good budget and good actors (OK, I still don’t like the guy who plays The Human Torch, but whatever) so I can only hope that it’s at least passable.

It’s hard to explain to most people the awesomeness of the FF. Even modern comics fans might not get it. More than any other characters, the Fantastic Four ARE Marvel.

*They were the first MODERN Superheroes. Before them (with a few exceptions) it was mainly Super Friends kind of stuff. With FF, the stories added serious action, at least halfway believable stories, and even angst (like The Thing being a monster. Trust me, they’ve explored this from a lot of unexpected angles.) After them, Spider-Man, The X-Men, etc. came out in quick succession. They started it all.

*It introduced most of the Pseudo-Scientific/Fantastic elements of the Marvel Universe. Marvel isn’t just about superheroes and villains, it’s also about alien civilizations, time travel, microscopic universes, antimatter dimensions, cosmic entities, hidden civilizations, magic, gods, etc. etc. The FF often discovered and dealt with them all.

*The FF are also among the most POWERFUL heroes in Marvel.
-Reed is one of the most intelligent beings in the World; watching him match wits with Doom is always a thrill. Oh, and he keeps coming up with new ways to use his powers. Even wolverine’s claws can’t cut thru him, so there!

-The Torch can (at maximum output) generate as much heat as a nuclear bomb, and like the others, can use his powers in amazing ways. He can even freeze people! (By absorbing heat!!)

-The Thing only has super-strength, but he’s very clever in battle, too. He often attacks by generating shockwaves on the ground, for example.

-And guess who’s the most powerful one? Yup, The Invisible Woman! These days, she can form almost ANYTHING out of invisible force, not just fields. Think Green Lantern- except you CAN’T see what you’re being hit with!!!

*They had the best villains: Doctor Doom, Galactus the Planet-Eater, and dozens of others. (And yes, George Lucas based Darth Vader on Doctor Doom!)

*Most importantly, the FF are a FAMILY. That has always been their main appeal. Reed and Sue eventually fall in love, marry, and have a son, Franklin, who turns out to be a cosmic-level mutant whose powers accidentally threaten the World more than once; Johnny and Sue are brother and sister, and she’s always had to “mother” him (in fact, Sue is the heart of the team, without her they wouldn’t last.) Reed and Ben were the best of friends, despite being so opposite (Brain vs Brawn), and the guilt of Ben turning into a monster has always haunted them. Ben and Johnny are always on each other’s cases like little brothers, etc.
They’ve gone under a lot of stress, but they always get back together. That’s probably what The Incredibles copied best from the FF. If the movie doesn’t capture that, then it will fail, no matter how well it does at the box office. (of course, Incredibles has the advantage that three of the main characters were kids.)

So, yeah… I’m really, REALLY hoping it doesn’t suck.

I thought Reed and Sue were married from the beginning. And yeah, Galactus is good, but his really strong point is that he introduces Silver Surfer.

I want to see the movie. It looks cool. :slight_smile:

you better not be dissin’ the superfriends >:(

Wil: Uh, didn’t Spider-Man kick the crap out of the FF? Several times? Without any serious injuries? And often after he had the crap kicked out of him by someone else?

To be honest, I hardly consider the FF to be “powerful.” With the exception of the Human Torch and Thing, they’re not that much higher than any other superheroes. Sure, I guess being invisible or rubbery is good, but when you’re fighting someone like Doctor Doom (who could vaporize half of Europe when he’s not in a good mood), they won’t exactly be your best assets.

Still, I would like to see a good movie come out of this. The last thing we need is another Daredevil. shudders

man FF and Dr.Doom are hilarious. In the Toyfare comic atleast.

Seraph: No, Reed and Sue were in love, but it took them a long time to admit their feelings (mainly because Reed was so insecure). I think they married in Fantastic Four #100, in the first big superhero wedding (attended by all the superheroes -and attacked by all the villains!- in Marvel!)

And yeah, the Surfer was another major Marvel character introduced in the FF series.

Pierson: Me no be dissin’ da Super Friends, yo. I loved them too. But you have to admit, those were REALLY cartoony adventures, not serious ones like the ones in Marvel comics. (Remember the episode were a meteor turned several planes into dragons? :hahaha; )

Kairi: HA HA!! Were’d you get that?? :slight_smile:

d: I don’t know what you’re talking about, as best as I know, Spidey never beat the FF, at best he just eluded their attacks long enough for the situation to be cleared up.

Also, Sue’s force Fields have withstood attacks from The Hulk. That’s powerful in my book! And trust me, ALL the FF have developed ways to use their powers effectively.

And Doom isn’t THAT powerful himself. Unless he’s using one of his superweapons, he could maybe vaporize a city block, but not half of Europe.

And Daredevil wasn’t THAT bad. No match for the comics, but I’ve seen FAR worse movies.