There She Is! Step 2

A sequel! A very palpable sequel!

Just as cute as the original. :sunglasses:

Oh yay. I loved the first one

Nothing beats the original… it’s the best!!! :hahaha; :hahaha;


Nice, but not as nice as the original. Worth two-thirds of a cookie.

Whoa, a link to something CUTE in the Main Board? Am I on RPGC? :hahaha;

Anyway: Funny, touching and well-done. Kudos to its makers. :cool:

Oh, and thanks Cid for posting it! :wave:

How cute ^^

I watched it up until the cat started going around town with a present with this lame music playing. I thought the animation was pretty cool, but I just couldn’t stand the music.

Hee. This makes me happy.