There She Is!! Final Step

Watch. Enjoy.

I’m afraid to. Tell me first: does it have a HAPPY ending?

Seriously, the first few were a riot, but the last one was depressing.

I watched it once.

I watched it twice.

I watched it five times.

My face = happy.

Yeah, I was really impressed with the serious tone of the last one. They took a risk and it paid off well.
No time to watch this one yet but will definitely do so within the next 24 hours!

There is most definitely a good end here. Definitely worth the wait.

…OK, I took the risk and saw it.

…And I loved it!!

I still think they should never have gone with the racial conflict thing, but, still, it was nice to see characters from both races helping them get together. Hah, it’s given me more Xmas cheer than any TV special I’ve seen so far this year. Thanks GG!!

Yay. I thought it ended well. Had to watch the previous step to catch up (it really was pretty depressing), but the last step really did it for me.

I’m happy.:biggrin:

I dunno, it was nice, but I got the feeling it was left pretty open-ended. I mean, they stay in their own city, right? The city where there are giant mobs of people trying to trample them for exactly what they’re doing? Sure, they got through them in a very heartwarming scene, but what happens after that? They just get attacked again?

I kinda got the feeling that the ending suggested that more than just the main couple ended up in a biracial romance.

Yes. You can see the large bunny helping him on the way to the airport. He’s the same one that was chasing a cat at the end of the first step with a heart-shaped box. As well during the ending credits you see the frazzle-haired rabbit (the one who initially was against bunnies and cats being together) hooking up with a cat.

But we already knew there was a contingent of pro-intermarriage creatures; they had “pro” rallies in step 4. They’re just far outnumbered by the antis.

Wasn’t there an alternate version to number 3, and possibly others? I can’t navigate this moon language crazyness.

I liked it. I remember the first one came out and was all the rage, because no flash video had been released with such amazing quality. Times have certainly changed.

Awww! The last one filled my heart with joy.
But I had to watch steps 3 and 4 to catch up so for a moment there I was distressed…