There Once Was Time

I wrote this today after reading some Tennyson. Let me know what you think.

<b>There Once Was Time</b>

There once was time when the allegiant soldier,
Down-trod beneath the steady plod of age,
Grizzled by industry, who bore the sage
Burden of wisdom, and the role of father,
Heard the old siren of war, sounding over
The countryside serene, and rose to wage
Veteran battle upon that worn stage
One last time in memory of days brighter.
This, we recall, the teenagers of time,
With a shrug, a glance backward as it were,
A moment of silence for old grandfather;
And now it is past, and from that sublime
Corpse we avert our gaze, and so defer
The odd and troubling thought: We too grow older.

I like it. I really like it. Seriously, that looks like so professional type poemy thing that you find in some sort of inspirational poem book. Very nice indeed. The rythem and rhyme is very nice all throughout. However, one line I’m unsure of

Grizzled by industry, who bore the sage

What exactly does “who bore the sage” mean? I may be stupid asking this, but I don’t quite get it.

I’m pretty sure it’s not talking about the spice pink, but it mentioned a factory so maybe it was a Sage processing factory.

sage Burden of wisdom.
That I think.
And yeah, enjoyable rythm.