There needs to be a rule about...

having relevant topic titles. Seriously, quite a few topics have vague obscure titles that have nothing to do with the topic.

<img src=“”> Yeah. It’s what makes it, you know, kinda fun to read threads. We should definitely outlaw fun. And all other emotions while we’re at it. They only lead to war, and mankind can’t afford another war.

Why don’t we all just get frontal lobotomies while we’re at it?

Your suggestions intrigue me and I wish to learn more.

<a href=“”>You asked for it…</a>

Whoa obscure titles. Whoever’s doing that needs to get warned for giving us tired fingers. Damn those rebels.

Communist bastard!

Only communist wants to supress the right to say nonsense about nonsense. Capitalists only wants to supress the right to criticise them, and the way they have earned money.