There is a thread with literally 25,329 posts in it in the free rp forum

I just thought I would bring this AMAZING fact to your attention. Isn’t it an amazing fact? Post more amazing facts in this trhead, well at least somewhat amazing I know no other fact could possibly be as amazing as the one in this here thread title, but hey that’s life kiddo.

I wonder how many posts those Twilight RPers would have if I moved all their threads to a forum which counts posts.

They would be, without doubt, the coolest kids.

That’s it?

77,826 as of this post.

Not about RPing in a Twilight-esque universe; didn’t read.

i’m gay

A bunch of idiots pretending to make out with vampires. Real winners!

That’s quite a harsh statement. Many of you guys once loved to RP once upon a time… I don’t see how they are any different.

GAP is old and bitter, now?

Older and bitterer, anyway.

My love is kind to you
My love is blind for you
My love is right for you
I know it is, my boo