There is a god

and he made the fuckers in congress FINALLY create a national do not call registry (and if any non charity org calls you, it can cost em 11 000 bucks- oh fuck yeah)

Sometimes I wish I lived in the States. Not often, but now…

Last week we got a call at 1 o’clock in the morning. It was a spam FAX. Unbelievable.

Yay! Now maybe dad will register our name in the phone book…

(I’ve actually heard complaints that my last name wasn’t in the phone book before, because apparently some people didn’t want to ask for my phone number but wished to call me- :slight_smile:

And no telemarketers. Whee!

About time. My mom hates those phoning solicitors. Ahh the screaming. Anyway, despite telling them to stop calling us they alwayds do. Now it’ll cost them :o

<img src=“”> Zero must be pleased :stuck_out_tongue:

Um… There are so many holes in it that it will cut down on maybe 1/5 of telemarketing calls at most. One of the biggest holes is that they can call you if you’ve had a “past business relationship.”

Take what we can get, 984.

That’s still less telemarketer calls…

We’ll find ways around it, worry not.

Then the problem actually comes down to whether there’s proof that you actually did indeed ask them to stop calling you. They’ll also be a bit hardpressed probably to actually fine these companies and get paid for it. I really doubt there’s much that can be done.

That’s where the magic of phone records come into play, Kagon. =P

Aww…I liked insulting the telemarketer bastards…

If they just had something like that to stop email spam. sigh In Norway we already have a registry to stop telemarketers and posted advertisements. Not sure what the sanctions are.

It’s a bit sad though: Not being called by telemarketers. I liked trying to sell products to them. Fire versus fire. Anyone want to buy a used, and not working, VCR?

This isn’t going to stop anything, like 984 said it contains tons of loopholes. I just wish telemarketers would identify themselves right away so I don’t waste time with them thinking they’re calling to say my car is fixed or something.

I like the commercial about the guy that flew to where the telemarketer was & bashed his phone right in front of him, I want to do that someday…I"m also thinking of getting a job as a telemarketer for the summer.

Originally posted by Zero
We’ll find ways around it, worry not.

Oh yes we will…

Yes, loopholes are plenty in government documents.:slight_smile:

Too bad some people only remember God when they want something. My faith is unwavering, in good or bad times.
Well, anyway… those laws are often flawed and incomplete, so this probably won’t be the end of it.

Telemarketers piss me off. I hate it when they call and wake me up, if it’s a lady I just hang up, out of respect. But if it’s a man I give him a peice of my mind buahaha!

Fortunately for me, I don’t have that problem. But if it ever happened, I think I’d give them a piece of my mind and then pull the plug so I could sleep in peace.