There has to be someone here who likes One Must Fall 2097

… right? It’s an old fighter featuring giant robots.

I haven’t heard of it, but what system is it for?

PC. It has very little requirements, and is fairly small, so you could probably download it.

ONE MUST FALL R TEH ULTIMATE PC NON-EMU FIGHTING GAME PAR NONE, and it kicks serious ass with simple controls and… THE TOURNAMENT MODE.

I played a demo of it some years ago. I don’t like it, but I recognize it had kick-ass graphical technology for the time it was released.

Ah OMF, that had to be one of the best PC fighting games ever, it really was a game that you could play on and on without ever getting tired of it, or at least until you maxed out your robot and your pilot, but that took something like 2 months of game time to get enough cash.

Ah the good old days.

I remember that, one of my friends got a shareware version somehow. That game roxored.

If you didn’t know, the game is free to download nowadays. I’ll get you an adress–

You should get it here, I think it may or may not be the shareware version; It syas full version on one, while saying shareware on the other.

Free Full Version is here (it’s abandonware so it’s no problem getting it)

Scroll the page down untill you see “Where to get it”. It says by the side “Here (6 mb)”

edit: I’m gonna get it and play again, it rorox after all.

squeals happily I LOVE this game!!! and I do have it on my computer still… to this day… can’t live without kicking Kresacks ass at least once a weak in Ultimate mode and fighitng fire and ice neh??

Jaguar… forever my bad ass lil’ kittie bot :slight_smile:

but I can also do some rather extensive ass kicking with a shadow ^^’ and various other… but none as good as my Jaggy

wow how old IS this game anyway?

It’s pretty old, at least pre-1998. I beat Fire once, but Ice always froze my bot constantly when his health was super low. Cheap bastard always found a way to win :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been playing this game and it is a bit fun, I can’t beat the first championship at all yet though :P.

You’ll get it eventually… My largest tactic ever…

“Jump… Kick… Round house… Jump… Throw…”

course… ^^’ that’s my usual keep them pinned in the corner with my jaguar move… most of the time it works… unless I’m using someone slow like Raven… or Shiro…

oh gosh the tournement mode is just… daaaaamn… I’ve got by bot all maxed out and you can hardly think about what you’re going to do before you do it or you’re screwed… even in the NA:open O_O’ phew…

gosh this game IS old… I thought they were suppose to be making a new one too?? I started hearing about it then it just went poof

I’d even downloaded some of the music samples from the website

My usual win-cheaply combo is Crystal with Jaguar:

Back off

Repeat, etc. It didn’t work too well on ice, though, especially when one of his hits did about SIXTY THOUSAND times the damage of my entire combo.

I liked using either Jean Paul or the really quick one with little power… ^^’ can’t think of his name…

I use to love using the trip too… but for some reason the trip command won’t work in the game… shrug

so I just adjusted that little tactic… tee hee

looks at above post

I’m wondering how Kefka mysteriously popped into that post O_O

The really fast one is Milano. If you hit him once he’s like, dead. :stuck_out_tongue: