There goes the village bicycle

<a href=“”>Smurf Village under siege by unknown agressors, casualities in the double digits, only means of reproduction annihilated</a>

Mmm. Shock Therapy.



Next, the snorkels will be killed by industrial pollution.

Snorkels… man, it’s been ages since I heard that name. Back to the topic, I like the logic behind it.

what. the. smurf.

also, where cna I download this? >_>

Yeah, bicycle.

Straightcycle. There was no other female smurf for her to be bi with.


You’re alive!

Wow, lol.

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I love you Nightmare, <3.

If you typed all of that yourself, I’m impressed.

You might want to learn from what you copy/paste. It would serve you good too.

Oh. And don’t troll. That’s not a smart course of events when you just came off a ban just barely 24 hours ago.

Getting back to the topic of the smurf ad for UNICEF…

That is really wierd. But I guess it could work, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Uh, she’s called a “village bicycle” because “everyone gets a ride.”

Anyway, if I saw this, I’d be like, “What the FUCK.” So yeah, it’d prolly work on me. Sort of.

It seems to be nothing more than still images pieced together, but you can watch it through that CNN link TD posted.

This isn’t prison, you don’t get magically accepted just because you beat someone up on your first day. Rather, you look like a fool.

I can totally imagine an RPGC prison.

I can imagine RPGC as a prison.

Or moreso, and insane asylum.