There goes the market

Ebay bans sale of virtual assets

PS. Does anyone know of a good alternate sale site?

So what’s the deal with not making Second Life apply to that change?

Anyway, not to jack your thread, but I came across this little gem of an auction on ebay…not so much as what’s for sale, but the story behind it. Also I am never, never, never, in a billion years having children. :slight_smile:

That’s some pretty clever legal maneuvering on eBay’s part. I don’t know much about Second Life though; is the transfer of virtual assets really that much more intergal to the game’s functionality than WoW’s that it quantifies being exempt?

Oh, wait, I forgot, Second Life isn’t a “game”. -__-

Trillian: Heh, “…alot of the cards say “Energy” but they don’t work. I carry them around but I don’t have any more energy.” Lol.

Yeah. Because the bulk of virtual asset trading is done through Ebay. Really.

Ok, I’d like to know, does this really affect ANYONE at RPGC? I mean I usually have theories that people post stuff on here and talk about it like they actually have opinions on it, but don’t. Just cuz they want to be cool. but it’s not. Being yourself is what’s cool.

Well, noone minds the money going to “virtual assets” in stock markets. Trading -the use of if not the ownership of- virtual stuff is a fairly expected capitalistic conduct, good luck stopping that. Should the money get serious a gov. or another will want to tap into it and we’ll have a total mess what with all the different jurisdictions and having to accomodate the clients who give any value to the virtual stuff. eBay probably doesn’t get enough money from it and wants to play safe.

Trillian, they think the Second Life guys won’t sue them. Also children don’t come in 6 packs.

p.s. supermarket delivery ftw

Supermarket delivery doesn’t allow you to pick the best fruits.

When I tell my friends they should use condoms more often, it’s not because of DST’s, it’s because of situations like this one in the supermarket. Birth control ftw.

Back on subject, I’m impressed with the economy of Second Life. People buy stuff from Linden Labs for a couple of bucks and then edit these things and resell these them for pretty high values, sometimes for hundreds of dollars. I was even more impressed that people buy avatars from artists instead of doing their avatars themselves - some avatars I’ve seen for sale are just so basic, I feel I could redo them in under five minutes with the in-game editor (and I’m pretty sure I’m the worst designer ever).

I think the main difference between WoW (and others) and SL is that buying items and gold in MMORPG’s annoys the hell out of “honest” gamers, because players all want to be the best in the ranking and they feel cheated when someone gets more powerful than them without effort. Now, since there is no leveling nor competition (similar to MMORPG’s) in SL, and since people expect it to have an economy just like that of “First Life”, it comes as natural that you can buy and sell stuff on Ebay and nobody is going to feel bad about it.

That’s a cute lil gem :hahaha;

I think the main difference is that you’re not buying shit from a bunch of shady, similarly named chinese guys who have been training mobs on you for hours while hogging every spawn of every resource ever.

So yeah. Second Life has no gameplay. GG.

Fruits and veggies from the grocery store (it helps if you’ve always had one around the corner).