There go my nipples again

Woo, go them.

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That would be Satan’s realm, not mine. Not everyone believes in Satan, but everyone needs the help of Death to depart from this realm.

Yeah, BX…Death has an apartment.

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Yeah, BX…Death has an apartment.

A house actually. I didn’t get a permit to build a castle.

[b]How to end the world in less than three days.

1: Give the uber-cold technology to George W. and some scientists.

2: Make a missle/rocket/penis star ship/etc out of it.

3: Fly it up to the sun.


I doubt the rocket would get that far, since the sun is much warmer than the absolute zero is cold.

Also, we would need a way to keep the rocket warm enough for its engines to work. At absolute zero you couldn’t use the combustion that sends rockets flying.