There.... Get Wise 13 finished (for my loyal fans ^_^)

Title says it all. Go watch :slight_smile:

And btw. If you entered my contest, if you can, please send your e-mail again. Yes, I have already chosen a winner, but since I plan to put all who entered into the next episode, I need your character descriptions again (sorry for the inconvenience).

<img src=“”> And that’s why one makes backups when one reformats.

and that is why Orakio isn’t the brightest knife in the drawer.

you mixed “sharpest tool in the shed” with “brightest crayon in the box”.

And ended up with shit.

case and point. :slight_smile:

It was okay. I liked it when we had them upside-down!:o Too bad we didn’t get to do our torturing. (feeling very drained and bored)

Okay, I’ll resend it soon enough. meanwhile, I’ll continue to go through and be your proofreader, Orask! ^^

Call me stupid, but I can’t find it. The only episode listed on Season 2 is number 11.

Check the bottem of the main RPGClassics page.

I just had a thought. The girls torture Orak if they get kidnapped one more time. Eh . . . plops head back on pillow

Orak, I really think you should give up the “^_^” thing. It just isn’t you, babe.

that is because nobody had updated the link to the hideout yet (since I can’t do it coughcoughmerlincough)

Awesome, as usual.

Now get crackin’ on 14, biacth! snaps whip :cool:

I really enjoyed it Orakio! Hey! I fought some bad guys!!! yay! Okay, I’ll resend my thingy to you a little later. :smiley:

A good read, Orakio. I enjoyed it, as usual

I already sent my e-mail again, after I misunderstood what you meant in your last post…

Some kind of instinctial physic power? Nah…

Is it okay if I send it to the same address as before?

i was wondering if i could be in a get wise episode…

how, possibly, could i enter?[/idiotquestion]

Wohoo! runs off to read

Orakio, that was fantastic, keep up the great work!

puts on his loyal fan badge

Go Orak! Woo!


PS: Needs more catgirls for the fan-service :stuck_out_tongue: