There can only be one...

I haven’t made a thread in a while, so I figured I might aswell add to the text pollution here. :stuck_out_tongue:
Yeah, so I’m down to one cat now. One whole cat! we, being me and my parents, had to dispose of one of our two cats because of some stupid one-pet-per-household rule that BC housing has. So we chose the big male cat, Max, and put him up for adoption. So he’s been sent away to some cat adoption center, where they get people to adopt stray cats. It sucks, cause we used to have three cats, but we got rid of one because it was too stupid(it was sleeping under cars in the alley), and now we’re down to only one cat. Man, this cat is gonna be depressed or something, and I’ll bet it will wait for the day when it disapears too.
That’s not the worst part about it though. Our stupid neighbor has two dogs and a cat! I don’t get why we suddenly get a letter saying “it has come to our attention that you have more than one pet blah blah blah…etc”, when we have two cats that leave the house like once a day, not even if it’s raining, and at the same time theres two dogs and a cat next door! I personally think someone “told” on us, who doesn’t like us, but that’s probably just paranoia.
Yup, so yeah… I await the onslaught of comments.

What in heaven’s name is that on your avvy?


Aww, wait for the day it disappears too? :frowning: That makes me sad

I feel sorry for you, I would never be able to get rid of my wittu kwitties!

You know you’re on a MG hype when you start to read that and you think “There can only be one Big Boss!” (none of the stores received it today as they said they would >_<)

I was also thinking MG when I saw the title.

uhhh…cats suck runs away

no, not really.I just dont like them alot. Dogs are better! na-na-nana-na
hey thats kind of retarded, cats are quiet while dogs tend to pant ect., so how did they catch you when there are 2 dogs next door? That can only mean one thing…and at the moment I do not know… =)

Two for me, none for you!

I don’t know how well I’d cope with no animals. Sometimes they get on my nerves, but I’d usually rather have them than not.

Poor Max. ;.;

Well, it’s better to send him to an adoption center than to kill him… I thought that’s what it was about at first. You should discuss about it with your neighbor to know how he can so blatantly violate the rule. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had a cat before I moved into this one house that didn’t allow pets, and the frikkin neighbor (who had the SAME LANDLORD AS US) had like THREE dogs. >_<

There’s generally no problem to keep more pets than allowed as long as nobody complains about it. That’s how it works here anyway. And I don’t know why I’m suddenly posting so damned much in this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

The neighbor is a woman, actually. :stuck_out_tongue: Not that that makes any difference though.

Some sort of cat that I found randomly in google image search.

MG?? What game is this? I was trying to reference the movie “The Highlander” originally, with my thread title. :stuck_out_tongue:

That sucks, but I prefer dogs.