There are a group of people who have been irritating Sparkles lately.

The following people have been far too aggressive and/or irritating and/or excessively bugging other posters and/or acting jerkish as of late. Consider this your warning for a potpourri of rules. Keep it up and I’ll be looking for 3 day bans to start, a week from there, 2 weeks from there, a month from there, and uh, don’t let it go any farther :stuck_out_tongue:


these warnings are not combined with any past bad behavior, except in Steve’s case where he just came off ban so if he keeps up his current behavior I’m going to start at a week and not 3 days like the others. I know all 4 of you and I know all 4 of you can be much better people, so uh, stop acting like your current iterations.

And I don’t want to see any celebratory or excessively gloating posts about this either, or you too will anger Sparkles.

Have a nice day. And cripes, all of you drink Kool-Aid, play video games, rent Equilibrium and calm the hell down :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, I apologized, but I will take heed to the warning.

waits for SG to say something about chill pills

Its not like anyone likes me here anyway. I think I’ll be leaving for a while.

people only dislike you when you’re crabby and mean.

Originally posted by Merlin
people only dislike you when you’re crabby and mean.

Actually that applies to everyone.

No someone people don’t like others because they are whiny or attentation whores.

Are you calling me a whiny attention whore?

If so, that doesn’t even warrent a response because saying that just means you know nothing about me at all.

Gah, I miss-understood some of the posts, please disreguard anything I said and please any any mods read this, delete that post.

Can I say something?

I don’t think there is much that Steve or Cybercompost has done much wrong. Just saying… I don’t see what much any of the group have done…

I completely foregive them. N’ff said.

I’m worse than those four! I’m hurt that I’m not on the list!

There ARE a group of people…

or there IS a group of people.

I dont think Im acting any different than normal - so I don’t see why this is an issue.

Originally posted by Sorcerer
I dont think Im acting any different than normal - so I don’t see why this is an issue.

By “normal” do you mean not using an apostrophe in the word “I’m”? [runs]

Could we forget about the grammar, and possibly focus on either the groups’ apologies, or excuses, for acting the way they have?

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
Could we forget about the <BIG>grammer</BIG>, and possibly focus on either the groups’ apologies, or excuses, for acting the way they have?
Or we could focus on spelling.

Uh, Merl. Technically, I should be banned for 3 days, did you forget the warning you gave me for the Mooglemaster incident? And another warning after that?

In any case, I just give back at people what they give me. Believe me on this one, a lot more people on RPGC don’t like me, and it’s not because I’ve been an asshole for a few months.

And I HATE Sparkles :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, Merlin makes this thread and suddenly we’re being crucified.

It all makes sense.

I agree, I give back what I get. I see someone being damned fucking stupid, not only am I going to tell them that they’re being damned fucking stupid, but I’m going to show them the damned fucking stupid things that they’ve done, and show them why they’re damned fucking stupid. Merlin, you know me pretty good, and you know that I generally say whats on my mind - the way I’ve been saying it hasn’t changed.

Somehow, I see this as us being scapegoats for the recent hostility. Hell, I wasn’t even here for a month, and in the last few weeks I haven’t posted outside my normal routine, yet suddenly I’m being threatened with a ban? By you, no less? Not to step on your toes Merlin, but it’s common knowledge that you have issues with banning people. Off the top of my head, I can name 4 or 5 people you’ve stuck up for in the face of being banned, despite how much they deserved it, myself included.

I don’t care about being banned, seriously, you do what you like. This is only a forum after all, and the people on it exist only the time I am online.

Those who would want to contact me already have me on their list or know how to contact me, so why should I bother about being banned?

Oh, and I wouldn’t see Sparkles anymore, which would be a happy and joyous occasion.

yeah see, at one time certain kinds of behavior by users was at one time dealt with leniently largely due to the fact that they had been around for a while, the incidents cropped up rarely, there were bigger fish to fry, initial cries for bans were too strict or iron-edged, etc. But now, since the general jerkishness has been increasing as of late, and there has been a general laxity of modding going on in proportion to the rise of jerkishness, I’m trying to put a stop to it before the pollution spreads further than it has. Ergo, former such aberrant behavior may or may not be condoned any longer, even if it was in the past. Merlin is my name, civility is my game, and I’m willing to draw a line in the sand if necessary to preserve civility on the Agora if people can’t be aware of the line without its physical presence (as was largely the case in the past).

And Iga, if you read my first post, you’ll note that I said these warnings were not combined with past behavior (except for Steve), which is why the mooglemaster incident has no bearing on this case.

And Sorc/Iga/whoever, a defense of “well this is how I always am,” or “I just call them how I see them,” no longer flies with me. I’m resetting how I view users more equally in direct contrast with the rules, and all users are to follow these rules, even if it means they aren’t allowed to always call an asshole an asshole when they think someone is acting like one.

The rules have stayed the same. My interpretation of them may or may not have precisely changed, but your behavior must if you insist on keeping up the callousness.