There are a crap ton of infomercials on at 4 in the morning.

Also, if you’re a super villian battling the Super Globetrotters, don’t let them challenge you to a game of basketball. Seriously.

Tired of the same old beaches filled with hot, young Kagons willing to bear it all? Of course you’re not!

The banjo minnow is the best dang fishing lure I’ve every used.
- Some guy in a boat

Reel Magic: Grease you can use on everything from your fishing reel to the top of your chrome dome. (paraphrased) - Bill Dance

984, I think I speak for everyone when I say that is totally hot.

Tired of moving? Get a Segway you lazy piece of shit.


Seriously though, worship the power of juice!

I learned how to make fried rice from in an informercial when I was in seventh grade. D:

I like channels that shut off before midnight and don’t turn on until morning. They’re nice.

Nothing beats the Weather Channel at 2 am! Nothing!

didn’t they recall all of those due to technical problems?

Yep. Like, they fall over when the batteries are low.

For only 3 EASY payments of $19.99, you can collect 6 additional dinner knives absolutely FREE…(to start your murderous ways during Christmas Eve when your wife is going to have an baby to get another TV media field day once again to waste endless NEWS stories…blah…blah…blah…)


ha…see all the people who bought one run out of battery power…that would be kind of amusing.

Segways are awesome. They always have been, and they always will be. Imagine in 20 years when everyone has HOVER-Segways! Those will rock even harder.

Haha I remember when they gave those to the cops in Atlanta. They look funny :stuck_out_tongue:

I once saw an infomercial about a “crispy cereal bowl”. Lame :frowning:

Infomercials suck.

“Buy this because it’s cool!” 5 minutes later on same commercial “Buy this because it’s cool!”

Does anyone know how many infomercials Chuck Norris was in? I lost count after 30.

Chuck Norris is in <i>every</i> infomercial, dumbass. Obviously you flunked Chuckology, or you’d know that until recently when he learned to supress it, his awesomeness was so powerful it bent light around him, rendering him invisible but for a barely noticeable parallax effect, which aided him in his lightning conquest of the Yautja to become the undisputed king of all hunters.

He still hasn’t gotten full control yet, though, or we’d be able to see his floor-length ZZ-top style beard. As it is, he has to fight not to appear clean-shaven, which would not do for the rugged, urban cowboy look his role on <i>Walker, Texas Ranger</i> demanded.