Theories of conspiracy taken to an extreme

OMG Illuminati!

Don’t take it seriously. The only thing related to IT that can actually consume your soul is Microsoft, and this guy didn’t mention that thing you do with uncle Bill’s name to turn it into 666.

I am an IT professional (well, almost there) and this makes me feel very special, because it makes me feel as though there are actually people out there who’re paranoid towards geeks and nerds like that.

Me too.I now understand all those jokes about computer programmers being satanists.

Heh, that was fun. There is a massive online server around here that has some machines named (And placed) after the ten sephirah, I wonder what that might mean :stuck_out_tongue:

The ten Sephiroth? :open_mouth:

Depending on who you ask, there are several ways to spell that: Sephiroth, Sephirot, Sefirot, etc. Sephirah is the most accepted plural form. I never asked them why they put the machines like that, or what each on does… actually, I don’t even know what a server is made of or how many machines you need.

wow…someone had one screwy version of the Bible and waaaaay too much time on their hands to come up with this. that really is quite pathetic. i wonder which bible version he had anyway…still, it sounds like the guy is buying in to this other dips research. as you said, its funny to see people who are that paranoid.

Actually he/she/it did his/her/it’s homework pretty well, all the biblical references about Lilith seem quite flawless. It’s the inerpretation that is retarded.

I got specially in awe for the part where he mentions IT. Because the bible (at least his one) refers to the beast as “it”… But how about other languages? The bible was written in greek and aramaic and I doubt they were trying to pass a coded message for English speakers only.