Then I get one too

Happy birthday me! I’m so great I deserve a thread all to my self. WOOOO!!!

Its not your birthday.

Yes it is

No its not.

Charl’s just sad that nobody wished him a happy birthday when it was his birthday…He just wants to know what it feels like…

Happy belated/soon-to-be/whenever birthday.

Happy unbirthday, Charl!
pours Charle a cup of tea and gets him some cake

sniff thank you, so much, it feels wonderful!

Aw, yes, happy unbirthday Charle.

Happy belated birthday, you cute lil’ facehugger you.

Whatever, dude. Have a great whatever-day!

Happy belated/unbirthday Charl! Errm… whatever it is your celebrating!

Oh, a very merry unbirthday to you!

Have a shittastic day commemorating how many years since you got flung out of your mom. :smiley:

~hapi birfdai 2 u~

~hapi birfdai 2 u~

~dont’ d0 teh moun5ain d3w~

~hapi birfdai 2 j00~

Oh what the cucumber… dances and throws some confetti over Charl

Have a happy day.


Bwahahahahaha. Happy unbirfday. :stuck_out_tongue:

sobbing oh man, I love you guys, words cant describe how much I love you guys.

We wub you too.

… Man, that sounds so not like me.

I win.