The Xenosaga/Star Ocean debate...

Okay, I have played my fairshare of RPG’s but I found PS2 lacking (FF games are exempt from this)…until I played 3 games, Xenosaga I/Xenosaga II and Star Ocean “Til the end of time”. I was satisfied, some good RPG action. The question/s I pose is/are:

Which game was better?

What would you Rather see Xenosaga III or another Star Ocean?

Is there a better RPG on PS2 that I am missing?

Try Suikoden 3, Dark Cloud 2, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Those are other good PS2 rpgs.

I loved Star Ocean, but I never played Xenosaga. I was scared off by everyone saying it was basically an interactive movie. I prefer gameplay over cutscenes.

see I agree the cut scenes were huge, however I think that they were good and had the best feature of all, the skip movie feature

Star Ocean is horrible no matter what system it’s on. Xenosaga was ok, I didn’t play the second one though, but the first was great.

The second one is 90 times better in my opinion, I mean you have to play the first one for storyline purposes but if you liked 1 I highly reccomend 2

I personally Dig Xenosaga II the best out of those three (Although they are no means the best RPG’s on the console).

I was fairly upset when they annouced at TGS2005 that Xenosaga III will be the last one and they are not going ahead with thier 6 part plan.

I am disapointed that they are not bring any of the Xenosaga games in Europe.

I have a feeling I’ll Like it.

Xenosaga II compared the last one, and especially Xenogears was a steaming pile of dog feces. The story never really went anywhere, and by the time you finished the game-after doing about the game’s length in boring-ass fetch quests-nothing really happened. I dont have high hopes for the third one, but for the sake of advancing towards Xenogears timeline, I’ll play it.

Star Ocean isnt much better. The difficulty is far too uneven and it’s really easy to get slaughtered without knowing what happened. At least that was my experience with Second Story. I’m assuming the third one isnt much different.

If I had a choice b/t a third Xenosaga and a 4th star ocean, I’d take a 3rd Shadow Hearts. That game suprised the hell out of me.

Oh, really? Well the creator and director was fired. I guess I should be thankful. Oh well.

I liked XS1 the best out of those three games. XS2, while it had challenging battles, was full of tedious and ridiculous side quests. SO3 had some of the most horrible gameplay elements I’ve ever seen (inventions). SO2 was far more enjoyable in my opinion, although still not exactly a “great” game.
If you’re really into gameplay, I highly recommend Wild ARMs 3. Kingdom Hearts is also pretty neat. FFX and FFX-2 are good for FF fans as well.

As a Final Fantasy Fan, I just wanna restate my total and utter contempt for X-2. Wild Arms 3 was fun, but the puzzles got frustrating, even rediculous. That millenium puzzle where you had to push the blocks- just one question? Why, on a platform where you could fall off would they have the dash button the same as the button you would press to push and pull the blocks?

I’ve just found on IGN that They are doing Xenosaga 1+2 on DS…

I wonder If someone can send me a copy, in exchange for some things…