The X-Box 360 = The Dreamcast?

The similarities among the two system are disturbingly numerous.

I wonder if it is doomed to failure too.

#5 is the problem right there. >.>

Has any one Noticed that the DC pad is a right stick and a few minor buttons missing of a X-box and X-box360 pad?..

major difference = Dreamcast was fucking awesome.

Wow, thats a degree of similarity thats actually kinda creepy (namely, how some of the same people are involved).

No, the Dreamcast wasn’t a needlessly overpriced remake of a horrible platform.

I blame #16.

Every day is repost.

Zero just doesn’t like the videogame forum.

As for the topic, I would say that number 14 is just off though since the Bleemcast was a third party emulator made to run games from a whole other platform/company/etc.

#9 has me convinced.

Wow. That’s really something.

Most of the similarities seem to be superficial. The REAL reasons the 360 may fail:

  1. Playstation and Nintendo fanboys.

  2. Not as powerful as the PS3.

  3. Lack of Japanese support (although Square Enix is making FFXI, which might open the doors to other potential developers).

  4. The intense hatred and distrust of Microsoft, which completely disregards the fact that the original XBox could handle things the PS2 and Gamecube could only dream of. Sadly, this completely superficial, pointless, idiotic, reasoning is what will most likely doom the system, even if it manages to get past the previous reasons.

Also, the Dreamcast sucked. I’m sorry, but every time I’ve played a Dreamcast, I was sorely dissapointed. The system wasn’t even supposed to be released; Sega wanted to drop out of consoles after the disaster that was the Saturn, but decided to make one more console.

what the fuck?

The real reason the DC failed was because Sega had absolutely no credibility as a decent hardware maker, and Sony did an amazing job of convincing people that it was worth the year-long wait for a PS2, even though most of the PS2 launch titles looked worse than what was availible on the DC at the same time.

EDIT, rather than reply: In any case, its pretty foolish to think that the 360 will be a failure so early in the game. People will buy it on launch day because they are casual gamers who just want to get their hands on the new Xbox. Whether or not hrdk0r “gamers” like the people who post on RPGC buy a 360 is irrelevant, because they don’t purchase in the same volume as the casual gamers.

If any next gen system is going to fail in a manner similar to the DC its the Revolution, because, like Sega, Nintendo has little to no credibility as a console maker anymore. Also, isn’t the Revolution’s strong selling point it’s low price? Same with the dreamcast (first console to debut under 200USD). Isn’t the Revolution lacking in 3rd party support, but bursting with ingenuity? Same with the dreamcast.

The Xbox has a healthy following, unlike the Sega had before it released the Dreamcast. Therefore Gallo’s 1st and 4th points are invalid. The fact its not as powerful as the PS3 will be doesn’t mean so much since the PS2 managed to be the leader without having the most powerful hardware and the Xbox hasn’t relied much on Japanese buyers anyway.

If it comes down to a waiting game of who can last longer, I’d be sad to think that Microsoft simply has the money to feed into a failure untill it is the only thing out there.

Thats not to say that I think the system will fail, but rather, Microsoft could keep it afloat even if it were.

Me, I’m not going to judge a console’s odds until it’s been released and had some time to, y’know, succeed or fail.

I have that feeling it will suffer the same fate as the Dreamcast. And unlike the DC, it doesn’t have Japan to support it for years after it demise.

Evene if this was true, it’s got something better than Japanese support, it has Bill Gates.

Same fate? You mean an under appreciated console with great games?